How Smucker’s BP&J changed the world*


I have written about, in the past, my sisters daughter who had brain cancer as a child, she is 22 now, and over all doing fine. She has the mentality of an 8-year-old, and this, sometimes, causes one to stop and reflect on what she has to say. Many times you just smile and laugh because her way of processing information is, well lets just say interesting.

For example a few years back my sister decide that the truth of Santa needed to be told to her, she was getting a tad-bit to big to sit on his lap. So the truth was told… Her response, “Well what about Rudolf?” How can you argue with that…?

The latest concerns school. She attends a skill center, a school designed round the needs of kids like her, it teaches skills for life. Some of the kids will be able to hold jobs, live on their own and function in life, and the skill center is there “college”. Her plan, now that she is 22, was to go only 1/2 time, she was getting board with the classes and really only had interest in a few things. One of the things they do at the skill center is provide the kids with a change to work at local business, and she has done so, but only liked working at one particular place. This can be an issue, if they don’t like, well than they don’t understand why they have to do it. She understands she is an “adult”, she is 22, so why is she being forced to work someplace she does not like. Understandable… The other issue, most of her friends have left the skill center, or sadly, they have passed on. This being a risk with any of her friends that had childhood cancer. Her best friend passed on last year, it was a sad, sad time for all of us.

So, her plan, school 1/2 time and work around the house the other part of the day. A good plan, not how I see it, left to her own devices, cartoons would rule her world and little to no work/activity would take place. Not a good thing for her, or anyone else for that matter.

As luck would have it, her friends more or less convinced her to go full-time, but that was not the deciding factor. The State also required her to go full-time, based on her test results. But that, to her, was not the deciding factor, the deciding factor to her was…. are you ready for this…

“If I don’t go full-time, than I wont get my Smucker’s Peanut Butter and Jelly

Yep, it was the PB&J that did it. You see my sisters would only buy them for school lunches, and with only 1/2 time at school she would not take a lunch, so no PB&J.

This has to cause one to stop and think. How simple, how pure and innocent a thought. My life revolves around whether I can have a Smucker’s or not. You got to love it. How much simpler all our lives would be if only we based our decisions on such important things, such as can I have a Smucker’s or not.

Like I said, sometimes I just have to take pause… And really think about what she said, yes I smiled and laughed when my sister told me this, and yes to her that was a major factor in her decision to attend full-time.

So now I know, when something important comes up, I won’t ask WWJD (What would Jesus do) but rather CIHAS (Can I have a Smucker’s). Yes my friends, Smucker’s can, and did change the world, at least for her. god bless her simple thoughts, there are days I wish I had the same logic…


God Bless


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This Easter

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For Christians Easter is the high point, the summit of our faith, our Lord and Savior is alive, He has defeated death and is among us.  What a wonderful feeling, to know that our all loving God cares enough about us, a sinful people, to send His only son to walk in our shoes, but not only to walk in them, but to suffer in them. God is Good! He is Good indeed!

As a Catholic I love the Saturday vigil Mass. Yes it’s long, 3 hours, and yes its full of all the symbolism and  pomp befitting a coronation of a new king. And it is fitting, behold, the Lamb of God! Once again I attended the High Holy Mass, and was struck by a few things. First and foremost I was in awe of  Mass itself. The Catholic Church really does Easter up, as she should. The second thing that got to me was the fact that despite all the scandal, we still have new Catholics entering the Church. I witnesses 35 new brothers and sisters coming home. What a sight!

I love the fact that we Catholics make such a to-do about our new Brothers and Sisters in Christ on Easter, giving them a new live on the day we celebrate the Risen Lord! Its fantastic!

The homily was great, but the one thing that stuck in my mind is this, Father said that baptism is like a heart transplant, we receive a new heart when we are baptized. Not a direct quote, but close.  The thought was interesting because he, the priest, went on to say that this is biblical, that in the bible it states we get a new heart. What an awesome thing… I love my faith!

As you may or may not know, Easter is 50 days, so we are still in the Easter season, and I have resolved this year to make the most of it. Not sure how yet, but I am open for your suggestions.. .Please let me know what I can do to make this Easter season a Holy one.

God Bless & Happy Easter


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The Saga… Part 2

Yesterday I blogged about the Saga of 3 boys and a mother. Today I will continue that storyline (I only wish it was a story).


As of today, the mother of the young man living in my house has not returned his calls or talked to him. My feeling is, he no longer serves a purpose for her. She wanted to use him as a pawn in her little game, and I would not allow it, and he chose to listen to me.

Back to the night of the birthday party, the father at my sisters house and the mother not at all happy with the situation. The father left my sisters, with the two boys, prior to her showing up. She threaten to bring the police, and he did not want his boys dragged in to all that. She shows up, asked were the boys are, I reply that the father took them. Her response, This is how you help me, my response, you need to help yourself. She response was to call her oldest son, the one that lives with me, out. He came out and she said, ok lets go, you got to be my witness that I dropped the boys off with Paul. My response, no he can’t go, he does not need to get involved in all this. And as for witness, none is needed, I wont lie (a concept she just don’t understand, she thinks everyone lies because she does).

I must admit, I felt for him, what a hard situation to be in at his age, but he stood his ground. He knows that I would not do him harm, and in some ways I think he knows his mom i a little unstable…

She calls his probation officer and try’s to force his departure, but he will also have nothing of it, and her son remains. So it seems now she wants nothing to do with him, and in some ways that’s a good thing, but in others it sad. It just proves that she is only looking out for herself and her needs, not his nor his brothers. They are just pawns in her silly little game of life. It is truly a sad situation.

To add to the mix, I am getting calls from his father, who lives in Congo, Africa. Now understand that he has never cared for his son, lived with his son or raised his son, but he has always felt the need to call and yell at him when ever the need hits. Well that what he decided to do. The mother, for what ever reason, decided that a person in Congo, Africa could fix all this, i just don’t get it. So dad calls, tells his son that he must live with his mother. The son explains that his mother is homeless, the father, being concerned, sates that it does not matter, live under a bridge or in the forest, as long as your with your mother. Now I must say that’s logic and love at its best! How he planned to enforce his ruling from Africa, I have no idea, and what makes him feel he has a right to tell him anything is also a question for the ages, but he does and he did.

The next day I was blessed with a phone call from dear old dad. He wanted to tell me that he was not going to sign the court papers to give me guardianship. My response, Ok Sir, but understand that he can not live with his mother, she is homeless and he will end up in foster-care. His educated response, that’s a small matter. My response, No Sir, it is not, not to me or the state of Michigan. He has to have an address, he can not live on the streets. His response, that’s a small matter… And on and on it went, until he hung up on me. I just love logical parents… I just wish I could deal with one. I am starting not to like African parents, I love the kids…

Well I must say that dear old dad called back today and talked to his boy, and decided that he, his boy, could make up his own mind on were was best for him to live. This did a few things for me, one gave me a little bit of respect for dear old dad, two, this will really piss of the mother of the year, and to me that’s a good thing and three, and most importantly is gives the power back to his son, were it belongs.

So the saga in nowhere from being over, but it looks like the tide has come in, and now is receding. Continue to pray for the boys, all 3 of them, that they will be safe and happy. And I will continue to update as needed.. I hope the next update is more positive than the last few.


God Bless


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It never stops, the selfishness


Ok, so the story of the selfish one continues…

As I stated in a previous blog, the mother and her two boys had to move out of my sisters house by the end of the month. Well she did not want to wait, and decided it would be better to sneak out during the day, when she thought my sister would be at work. As it happened, my sister was home, her daughter was having her wisdom teeth removed that day. Much to the shock of the selfish one.

But she moved-out all the same. But to were… Her car… Yep, she figured it was much better to live in her car than to suck-it-up and live for 3 more weeks in my sisters house. To hell with her kids, its all about her, so they, a 9 and 12 year old, were pulled from school to spend the day in the car to sleep in the car.

When she was offered to drop the ids off at my house for the night, by her other son who lives with me, she hung up on him. When he called back to tell her the father of his brothers offered his apartment to her and the boys, yep, you got it, she hung up on him. Its a much more mature and adult response to sleep in the car than to put your immature pride away for a few nights until you find something else.

So phone calls were made to the case worker working with her eldest son, the one living with me, and the offers repeated. Now I am sitting and waiting for a response, to find out the fate of 2 young boys who need a stable environment, one that there mother is not willing or able to provide.

I just do not understand her or others who think like her…


Pray for them…

God Bless


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The gift of grudge

2316677591_6654e4ce6f With Mothers Day upon us, it is time to reflect on our mother, both earthly and those that are no longer with us. The other day I posted a blog about having parents, or better yet, the blog was tong in cheek about needing to prove I had parents on my birth certificate. But it did cause me a moment to stop and reflect upon them. Both my parents have passed on, my dad has been gone some thirteen years and my mom has been gone four years or so.

As a child of parents, as we all are, the loss of a parent is difficult at best. But the loss of the surviving parent is even harder. It is at this point that I think you realize that your life is not indefinite that you too will one day pass on. I was heart broken when I lost my dad, I felt a section on my life drift away. But I still had my mom there to feel that connection to life, that connection to my being. It was in-fact them that brought me into being, working in cooperation with God. So with the loss of them both, so in a way, I saw the death of my creators. I saw an end of a time of walking on earth with my loving parents, who out of love created me, loved me, even when I deserved no love. I saw my earthly parents parish from this life, and God willing enter in to the next.

It is kind of ironic that I had to search for and find my birth certificate that listed my mom and dad’s names. That I had to prove that they existed. Life has a way of calling our attention to facts at odd moments. God does work in mysterious ways. At this point in time my relationships with my siblings are strained at best. The one I am closest to, my sister, we have not truly talked to each other is over two months, my other sister and I have not talked since my mothers passing and my brothers, well its a strange relationship at the best of times.

It is sad that we all do not get along, that past issues prevent us from maintaining a relationship today. Some of it is me, I know, and some of it them. It is shared equally between us. Each of us have a little bit of our mother in us. Mom was able to hold a grudge up until the end. She only had one sibling, a sister, they had not talked to each other in over 20 years. And in truth it started over a silly painting that was hung in my mom and dads bedroom. Salt was added to the wound when my dad passed away and my moms sister could not find it in her heart to send a card with even a hint at tenderness. All five of us children seemed to receive this “gift” from our mother.

We all seem to be able to hold onto a grudge for years, and as we all know, the longer we hold the grudge the deeper the roots get. My dad use to always say that mom could remember dates, times and exact conversations so she could bring them all back up in a fight. She held on to them all, just incase. Was this true, well sort of, she did have a good memory, and she did use her ability to recall facts. And at times it did seem that she kept them just incase she needed them to win an argument. But who knows…

But back to the blog…

So I found it kind of interesting that at a time in my life, in fact for the first time in my life, my relationship with my brothers and sisters are as such, that I currently am not enjoying a positive and happy one with any of them. It saddens me that this is the case. I enjoy family, but I do not enjoy the stress and strain that sometimes comes with it. And in a way the politics of families is even more confusing and dangerous that the politics of the country. The politics of the country are all played out for an end, they have reasons for what they do, they have an end in mind. But family politics, well that’s a whole different monster, often times the politics are played out with no end in mind. The end game never seems to happen and the parties involved just dig in deeper. This seems to be the case with me and my other siblings. Once again, I know that some of it is my doing, I am not claiming to be an innocent by-stander. No, i know full-well what I have done and have not done. I know where I have tried and where I have failed or not tried at all.

But the past week has caused me to pause and think, to ponder the facts and to reflect upon the nature of family. The fact that I am preparing to travel to India for two weeks has caused me to think. Normally I would be in contact with my one sister, asking for her help in watching over my house or just talking about how excited I am about the trip, I love to travel. But this time around, no such conversation took place. I have someone to watch my house, truth be told I always have someone to watch it, I as a neighbor to check up on it, and I have a nephew who lives her, so he will make sure the dog is feed and plants have water. So in truth she is not needed to watch my house. I just felt better knowing that my sister was overseeing it all. Normally my sister would also keep me up-to-date concerning her life, but this past week she was in the DC area, and I had no idea, I was never told. Not that she has to tell me, but normally she would have, normally she would have even asked if I wanted to come along. 

So the gift of grudge holds strong in my family, its a gift that just seems to keep on giving. recently I went to confession for the first time in years. It was an experience that I will enjoy again, and on a more regular bases, I felt the warmth love of God filling my soul and spilling over into my heart. I felt the healing grace of God and knew I had to start to make changes in my life. So I started, I have invited all my siblings to the graduation party for my nephew. Even the ones that I truly do not want to see.  Don’t know if this is a good idea or not, because some may not come because the others will be there, so it may end up that none of them come.

I also am trying to learn that I too must change, that I too need to let go and to grow. But it is a hard lesson for me. The ironic part is that in the process of letting go and in growing that may truly mean that the my relationships with my family my never be the same, that I may never have a relationship with them again.  But if its because I have grown and I have truly let go of all the grudges, well than that’s ok, that’s just life. But on the flip side of the coin, this process of growing and letting go may bring us all closer together, who knows. All I know is that I need to let go and I need to grow. So more confessions for me and more soul searching in the very near future. As for my brothers and sisters, well all I can do is offer up my prayers and keep an open door. As of now the door is open, but only a little, I still have it blocked.

My mom gave us many wonderful gifts, she was a kind person with a big heart. She was understanding and loving. The whole h
olding a grudge thing, well I think that was a gift from her mother… But that truly is a whole different blog. As for this blog, well I just want to say:

I miss my mother most at times like this, at times  when I need her hugs and understanding, and her words of truth. I miss her most when I prepare to leave on trips, she was always so happy and excited for me. They were times when I knew I made her proud of me. I miss her most when my heart is heavy with sadness or confusion and I miss her most when I an filled with joy and wonder. My mom was my best friend, and someone I knew I could count on to always tell me the truth, no matter the hurt that may come with it. I respected her and loved her for that gift.  This mothers day I will offer up a special prayer, a prayer to my mother that she may still look over me and still tell me all that I need to hear. I will offer up a prayer filled with deep pain in the loss of her and filled with a deep love that can not be filled by anything upon this earth. I will ask God to bless her soul and to bring her home to him. I will pray that my moms love is never ending and that I may continue to feel her working in my life. I will pray that my love for her will only grow and never diminish.  This mothers day I give to my mom  the only gift I can, I will give the gift of love and devotion. A gift of my self and my actions. A gift of my thoughts and my being.

Mom, I miss you and love you!

Your loving son


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Colossians 4:5-6“Be wise in the way you act toward outsiders; make the most of every opportunity. Let your conversation be always full of grace, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how to answer everyone.”

Brought to you by Copyright (C) . All Rights Reserved.


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We are called too knowledge

calledtoministry This past weekend I spent my time reading and listing to Catholic radio. Of course I cleaned the house, did my wash and other such tasks, but I spent a lot of time sitting and reading. It was nice, I have not had a lot of time to do that, or should I say I have not made time to do that.

I love to read, as anyone who knows me would know. I read all kinds of stuff, I read books for just pure entertainment, books on the Catholic faith, political (conservative) books and byes even some books on spirituality. I read Catholic and Political magazines and newspapers and a few journals. I just love to read! I even read on line sometimes. I always have a book in my car, for emergency reading and I have downloaded some eBooks on to my laptop, so I always have something to read. But truth be told, I don’t like to read online, I prefer to print it off, ya I know not very green of me… But I like to hold it, to feel the paper when I read. It’s just the way it is.

It has not always been like this for me, at one time I hated to read. I school I hated it, it wasn’t until I graduated High School that I actually read a complete book. the book was the classic by J.D. Salinger’s “The catcher in the rye”. I read it because of my other passion, The Beatles. I am a huge Beatles fan, and the murderer of John Lennon, Mark David Chatman, stated that this was the book he read that made him kill Lennon. So I have to read it. And read it I did, I have read that book well over 100 times, I love it, and J.D. Salinger is one of my favorite authors, along with Steven King.  Bit I have never reread a Steven King book, but I have reread all of J.D. Salinger’s books.. I love his style..

I didn’t read in school not because I couldn’t, I didn’t read because there was nothing that interested me that they offered. I had a 12th grade comprehension level in the 3rd grade, so it was not an issue of ability, but rather an issue of desire.  I had a very difficult time trying to get my teachers and others to understand this, so I spent years in “special reading” classes. But that is for different blog…

The point of this blog, knowledge.

I read not only for enjoyment but also to grow my mind, soul and heart. I hind that reading, like no other activity, allows me to do this. It is a time of peace and quiet a time for me to dissolve into myself and a time for the voices of the authors to speak to me. I look at each and everything I read as an opportunity to learn, to grow. Truth be told, I look at everything in life as an opportunity to learn and grow. My mom use to always say that I was to “preachy”  that I try to turn everything in to a lesson. Well I do and I know it, but I find life to be a very good classroom. But my personal reading is my privet classroom. I learn just as much from Steven King as I do from Bishop Fulton Sheen.

Sure Bishop Sheen is dealing with my soul and faith and King normally is dealing with things of the supernatural, but in truth there is more in common that one may think.  It is Kings character development and the underlining psychology of his characters that teach, and often times his stories do also. Fulton Sheens style is more poetic than Kings therefore it flows like honey as you read it and Kings style is, well more, modern in language (nice way to say the words and images used would not be appropriate for young children). Bishop Sheen would also not be appropriate for young children, not for the imagery or words used, but for the depth of the words used. But both would be good for teens that are mature and have an ability to think outside of themselves and the box.

But enough on the comparison of Sheen and King, back to the main point. Knowledge…

As Catholics we as called to proclaim the Gospels (the Good News) to all the corners of the earth, to all the nations. As baptized Catholics we are baptized as priest, profit and king. We are give an office with in the faith. But how can we all be priest, profit and king, and what does that mean?


We are called to be priest, not ordained priest like Father at the parish, but non-the-less a priest. so what is a priest, well in the old testament a priest was the one who offered up the sacrifice for the people of God. In the modern world the priest also offer up the sacrifice for Gods people, they offer up the bread and wine. They offer up our sins in the confessionals for forgiveness of our sins. So how are we priest? We cannot offer up the Bread and Wine nor can we hear confessions and offer forgiveness. So what, if anything, can we do as priest. Well we can still offer up a sacrifice, our suffering  We can offer up our work, our abilities and our service.


We are called to be profits, but if we think about what a profit is or who was a profit it can sound very intimidating. Elijah was a profit as was Moses and Aaron. The Old Testament is filled with them, and each of them did basically the same thing, they proclaimed Gods message to others. That is the call of baptism, that is what the Lord has called you to in His name. But not all of us are called to Moses or Aaron or any of the other profits. Some are, but most of us are not. In the modern world I would say there have been a few who have been called as a Moses or Elijah, Pope John Paul II, Mother Teresa and Fr. John Recardo, to name just a few. But most of us are to be the profits of the back ground, no less important, just not as visible as the others. So how do we become the profit that God has called us to? We proclaim the Good New, we share our faith and we practice our faith. I am doing it with this blog, I do it with my company, STATIC Solutions, and I do it by offering my time to others. My name may never be known to others, and that’s ok, Mother Teresa said “Our job is not be become famous, but to become Holy” (may not be a direct quote, but almost).


I think this is the hardest one to understand, how can we all be kings? All priest, sure you can have more than one, all profits, yep, several are better than a few. But all kings? This, in the material world, would never work out. So what is it that God is baptizing us into, what is kingship? If we look at the kings of the Old Testament we think of King David, the ruler of the Israelites. He was charged with protecting the people, providin
g justice and watching over them. If we look at kingship in the New Testament we see only one example, Jesus the Christ. Jesus spoke of his Kingdom often, and He spoke of how a King should act. But Jesus also showed us how a King should act. This is the Kingship we are called to. We are to protect what has been placed into our trust, children,pets,wife,husband,elderly,unborn,etc.. The list is endless. We are called to shepherd them and to provide for them. Think about it, If I fulfill my Kingship, I would make sure that all my Brothers and Sisters in Christ are provided for. If you fulfilled your Kingship, you too would also make sure that all your Brothers and Sisters in Christ are provided for, including me. If we all did this, all our needs would be met, and the Kingdom here on earth would be heavenly, not Heaven itself, but darn close.

So are you ready to fulfill your calling as priest, profit and king? Most likely your all reading this thinking I am nuts. Well most people who know me would agree, but that’s a different point.

Now that you know what you are called to, now you have to build up your toolbox with the tools you need to perform each office you are called to. This is were reading comes in to play…. See how I tied all that in…..

Your reading tool box should have, with out a doubt the following:

  • Catholic Study Bible (one to use, not to display)
  • Catechism of the Catholic Church (CCC)
  • Any book by Bishop Fulton Sheen (I would recommend “The Life of Christ”)

I would also recommend the following:

  • Link to Catholic On Line ( A news website
  • Link to Catholic Answers ( Full of great information and a place to find answers concerning the faith.
  • Link to New Advent ( Contains the CCC and Bible and Catholic Encyclopedia and Church Fathers.
  • Link to my blog ( just because it mine…. and sometimes fun to read.
  • Listen to Catholic Radio, many offer online web-radio
  • Watch Catholic TV, Both EWTN and CatholicTV offer online web access to programming live.

I would also recommend that you attend local bible studies or if your parish offers a RCIA for Catholics class, take it,or see if you can attend your local RCIA class. But make sure that the teachings are true to the Catholic Church and not some nutty DRE or Deacon’s personal wishes of what they think the Catholic Church should be. You need to do your homework first.

The same is true for the bible you choose, make sure it is a good catholic bible. There are several around.

As part of your toolbox you should also add a journal, journaling is an important part of your growth. Journaling offers you the ability to place on paper what is in you. If you can not articulate it well, the writing process will help you with this. I use this blog as my journal. So start blogging, or just use a note book or journal. There are several good places to start blogging, I have several feeds I use.

There are a few more I feed to, but the two above are good places to start. The 4Marks is a Catholic social networking site that offers blog posting. WordPress is an open blogging site, so anyone can post blogs. This is my main blog posting site.

So now that you got the tools, or at least a list of tools and you now understand your calling, the one you received at your Baptism, your ready to go right? Most likely not.

Knowing what to read and were to find the information does not make you ready. One more thing we all must do first…


We must pray prior to engaging others, be it face to face or through your blog. Prayer is you knocking on Gods front door, asking God to inspire you and to fortify you. To send the Holy Spirit you you to help you fulfill your calling as priest, profit and king. Pray with a sincere heart and a silent mouth, allow God to speak. Pray often for guidance.

God Bless


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The Liberals are coming… Opps to late…

DSC01796-254x346 The Catholic Church has been under attach for sometime from the liberals. Be it the liberal media or liberal Catholics. They have decided that the the Catholic faith is the last allowable prejudice. Not only is it allowable but it is also encouraged!

The attaches coming from with in the faith are the most destructive and discouraging. But all is not lost, we, the faithful can still take back our faith, be can still put up a good fight and win the battle for our Church and our souls.

As someone who has been involved in church ministry for over 20 years I have a great deal of background knowledge to build off of. As someone who seems to always be placed in a parish that is liberal, I seem to have been inundated with there concepts and lies. the lies can seem harmless at first, maybe even silly or no big deal. they can start off as just a tid-bit of information that leads the faithful off the path but just centimeters. But as that path continues to wind it’s way through the forest that centimeter turns in to meters.

The smallest of lies can lead to the biggest of errors. In truth it is easer to tell a small lie, less chance it will be seem. The liberal lie of “All are welcome” is a small lie. A lie the use to segregate the population under the flag of open mindness. They use the rally cry of “All are welcome” to bring in the pro-abortionist or the pro-same-sex couples. They cry out for acceptance yet fail to except the true teaching of the faith.

The lie itself is an inviting lie, who would not want to welcome all, as a conservative I to say “All are welcome” but unlike the liberal who use the it as a rally cry to bring down the Church from with in, I use it as a beckoning to call home the lost sheep to build up the Church.

Simple lie really, just a slight change in the purpose, yet the consequence of one will destroy what God has made and the other will build upon the foundation that God had laid.

The list goes on:

  • Woman Priesthood
  • Abortion
  • Same-Sex unions
  • Social Medicine
  • Unions

And on and on and on…..

social-justice The list of so called social issues can be exhausting, the catholic Church does address each and everyone of the issues, yet the liberals are able to twist each one to fit in to there agenda, perverting it in to some sore of pagan/Christian social/economic all you can eat buffet. They give the same value to the poor as they do to abortion. The use a concept call the one cloth or one garment theology.  A theology that perverts the teachings of the Church and Jesus. The Church teaches that Abortion is intrinsically evil, that under no circumstances is it ever allowable. that human life is sacred. Yet the liberals see no problem in demoting abortion to the same level and the poor.

The poor should be cared for as they are. They should be loved and nurtured and we as the faithful and as the Church have an obligation to do all we can to eliminate the conditions that create the poor. But the Church does not and has never taught that the poor were intrinsically evil. Big difference. Even Jesus stated that we will always have the poor with us.

The liberal Catholics have perverted the meaning of Catholic Social Justice to be a catch all phrase for all liberal concepts and ideas. They have impregnated the minds of countless Catholics with bubble gum intellectual thoughts that are nothing but sugar and air, no real substance to it.

The cry foul are every utterance the Pope makes, yet claim allegiance to the Church. They site Church dogma, yet lack understanding because they allow their own prejudice to interfere with Gods voice. And they claim fidelity to the Traditions and Faith  as they tear them down in the name of “Social Justice” and “Progress”.

The state of the Catholic Church is on shaky grounds, the liberals have succeeded in eroding the foundation. We, the faithful, must fight back, we must demand that our Priest, Religious Sisters and Brothers, Catholic Schools and Hospitals and Universities hold true to the Teachings and traditions of the Faith. We must demand that they return to the fold.

The video below is from Real Catholic TV , please watch this and go to their sight to watch other videos concerning Catholics and the attach on our faith.


God Bless


Psalm 23:1-3“[A psalm of David.] The LORD is my shepherd, I shall not be in want. He makes me lie down in green pastures, he leads me beside quiet waters, he restores my soul. He guides me in paths of righteousness for his name’s sake.”

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