I am a Sinner, this much I know

Image via Wikipedia I am a sinner in need of a conversion. A deep spiritual conversion. I need to feel the spirit of God racing through my vein's, I need to hear the soft whisper of the Holy Spirit within my being and I need to experience the crucifixion of our Lord daily. This is … Continue reading I am a Sinner, this much I know

In the News

This past Sunday we celebrated Christ the King, the end of the Church year. Next week is the first week of Advent, and the start of the new Church year. For anyone that has been to Mass the past few weeks may have noticed that the reading all had something to do with the end … Continue reading In the News

18 Words

How often do we say prayers, but don’t really mean them, or understand them? Think about Sunday Mass, we say the same prayers each week, but do we really stop to think about what we are saying? Take the simple prayer of “Lord I am not worthy to receive you, but only say the word … Continue reading 18 Words

It's All About Me…

It is all about me……………… That is my saying. People tell me that all the time (most of them are teasing, some are not). But is it true, is it all about me?No, not really. Sure i like to be told good job when I do something good, but that don’t make it all about … Continue reading It's All About Me…