Bloomfield Hills opts out of SMART

OK, the the Detroit Free Press is a liberal newspaper, and they love socialistic government payed (off the back of taxpayers) schemes, but it's one of only 2 Detroit news papers, so I read it (online only, I will not pay for it). That said... Here is my point, I do not  like the fact … Continue reading Bloomfield Hills opts out of SMART

American short term memory loss

Image by wmrice via Flickr The American people have a tendency to forget quickly…. This past November we held local, state and national elections all over our great nation. Overwhelmingly we voted for conservatives,  we told the powers that that be that we no longer wanted our government to spend our money freely, that we … Continue reading American short term memory loss

IS it to Far off?

The so called Health Care Bill is just one step in many that will turn our great country in to a Socialist State. Consider the following, the government owns or controls: General Motors Chrysler Fannie Mae Freddie Mac Financial Institutions Mortgage Institutions And now Health Care, and if you consider all the regulations they own … Continue reading IS it to Far off?

Can I serve?

Can I serve others, self and God? It seems like a lot of work, trying to serve everyone, ourselves and God. But truly it’s not, we make it a lot of work, but that’s just our nature. We do things the hard way. We serve others or self first then God. We may think we … Continue reading Can I serve?

The Support Group

Sometimes serving God isn’t easy, well most of the time its not, nor do I think it should be.   God calls us to service, service of each other, service to self and to Him. And service means giving of one self, freely, with out expectations of receiving anything back.   I volunteer as a … Continue reading The Support Group