Snyder hints at White House bid

Hmmm, not sure what to think... Part of me is a big RUN Rick Run and another part is Nope, don't do it... Washington — Gov. Rick Snyder said Wednesday he is focused on a May 5 ballot initiative to fix Michigan's roads, while again not ruling out a run for the presidency. Snyder told the … Continue reading Snyder hints at White House bid

The Run

The rush, the race is on, here we go… Faith Formation Classes are about to start… and my life is not ready for it! But God don’t wait for me, I must catch up to him, seems like that’s the way it always is. God is way up ahead and we humans must play catch-up…  … Continue reading The Run

Debris of Life

Stay the course, do not sway of the course, keep on going and follow through. Good advice, most of the time, but we need to allow life to happen, and sometimes when life happens we need to be able to redirect ourselves, or to allow life to take us where we need to go.   … Continue reading Debris of Life