Hey Whitmer how about we “Fix the damn Government”

Yep, Michigan voted in a democrat who ran on the slogan "Fix the damn roads"... Sounds nice, and yes we need to fix the damn roads... But... Under the Snyder administration we, the citizens of Michigan, rejected a new tax to "Fix the damn roads". Not because we like are crumbling roads, but because we … Continue reading Hey Whitmer how about we “Fix the damn Government”

PHOTOS: Woman uses flowers to spruce up and fill potholes in Hamtramck – WXYZ.com

Brilliant ... Fantastic .... I love it! HAMTRAMCK, Mich. (WXYZ) - One Hamtramck woman has found a new way to try and get the city to address the problems with the roads...fill them with flowers. Paige Breithart said she needed to call attention to the potholes because the city hasn't done anything about it. "There … Continue reading PHOTOS: Woman uses flowers to spruce up and fill potholes in Hamtramck – WXYZ.com

How bad are Michigan roads? Hear for yourself

write a bill that is only;y for the roads, one that does not raise my taxes and one that is guaranteed road funding... and i will vote yes... Keep writing bills like prop 1, and I will keep voting no. Governor Rick Snyderplease use your accounting skills, or hire on outside auditor to review all … Continue reading How bad are Michigan roads? Hear for yourself

Plan B to fix roads – Fox 2 News Headlines

We need to find a way to fund our roads without taxing the people of Michigan ... Maybe we need to look at where our tax dollars are already going... I am sure there is a lot of wasted money going to programs that are not needed or just don't work. Maybe its time to … Continue reading Plan B to fix roads – Fox 2 News Headlines

My Detroit

Augustus Woodward's plan following the 1805 fire for Detroit's baroque styled radial avenues and Grand Circus. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) I’m a Detroiter, I was born in the city, and I love the city. I no longer live in Detroit, I now live about 30 minutes outside of the city, but still consider myself a Detroiter. … Continue reading My Detroit

My Prayer for you

Image via Wikipedia Holy week is half way over, and Easter is almost upon us. Rejoice and be glad! Easter, the most holy of holy days, the pinnacle of our Christian faith, the summit of our journey, all roads for the Christian leads to the hill of Calvary and with the resurrection of our Lord. … Continue reading My Prayer for you

NASA… Our best investment

Image via Wikipedia It has been 25 years since the space shuttle Challenger exploded upon lift-off, and our space program has never truly recovered. After the tragic explosion President Reagan comforted the American public but also pledged to continue with space exploration. With the second space shuttle tragedy President Bush began the process of grounding … Continue reading NASA… Our best investment

When is stealing not stealing?

Image via Wikipedia When is stealing not stealing? Moralist will argue that we don’t always have a choice, they love to use the example of a man caught stealing bread. The moralist will say that if the man was stealing to feed his family than the act of stealing was justified. But the moralist would … Continue reading When is stealing not stealing?

Priest, Profit and King

A a minister with in the Catholic Church I am charged with teaching the truths of the Church, proclaiming the good news of the Gospels and imparting the moral code that the Church has given us. In truth as a Catholic, regardless if I'm a minister or not I am charged with the same. We … Continue reading Priest, Profit and King