The Daily Bell – The Proofiness of the Politically Correct Rape

Never let facts get in the way of your agenda... Rape, any rape is wrong and bad, and one is one to many... But please don't fake the data... A legion of the politically correct who make a living from the alleged oppression of women were gleeful and almost goofy with proofiness this week. The … Continue reading The Daily Bell – The Proofiness of the Politically Correct Rape

Politically Sterile

The Christmas session is over, and the decorations are down, now starts the political session… Over the weekend I watched the ABC GOP Debates, if you can call them that. I was so mad that I found it hard to watch. The moderators were, well to put it simply, STUPID. They asked stupid questions, has … Continue reading Politically Sterile

A good part time job…

Image via Wikipedia With tax day looming over us all, many people are just asking them selves, when will it all end. When will the government learn that you can not spend what you do not have. Now understand that I have no problem paying my taxies, I understand that the US government needs the … Continue reading A good part time job…

Reading and Ranting

I love to read, I read books, magazines, newspapers and anything else I can find to read. I love to read different types or styles from Stephen King to Bishop Fulton Sheen. Give me a Catholic book, magazine or newspaper and I will read it. I have read the liberal press and the conservative press. … Continue reading Reading and Ranting

This is my body

Image via Wikipedia In a soft voice, full of concern it was spoken. “This is my body”. It was spoken with a love that was felt by all and it lofted lightly in the air waiting for the soft breeze  to carry it away. Contrast that with the biting words being spoken, words that hurt … Continue reading This is my body