A Cat in the hat kind of day

Yesterday where I live in Michigan, it was a gray and rainy day. A day I call “A cat in the hat” kind of day. You all recall the cartoon, “A cat in a hat” Dr. Seuss’s classic story of two young kids stuck inside on a rainy day. I love that cartoon, it reminds … Continue reading A Cat in the hat kind of day


Life is not perfect; we do not live perfect little lives where everyone and everything is in its perfect little box, all ready for us to use in our perfect little way. Life is not like that, and I for one am happy its not.   In to each life a little rain must fall… … Continue reading Rain

Old Movies

Old movies are one of my favorites to watch on cold or rainy days, sick or just plan worn out. They are nice, and usually funny and always just mindless good entertainment. I love them, Arsenic and Old Lace is one of my favorites, a simple comedy that just has lots of one-liners and great … Continue reading Old Movies