St. Frances Xavier and Goa

Image via Wikipedia I just returned from a trip to India, mostly work, but as always I find ways to have fun. And this trip was no different. My stay in Pune, India was fantastic. I made new friends and saw old ones. We went out for dinner and I saw and tasted things I … Continue reading St. Frances Xavier and Goa


It is the end of week one for me in Pune, India. The weather has been hot, in the mid 100’s each and everyday, but the work has been pleasant and the company of my friends even more so. Each and every night I am treated to a  new and exciting restaurant, eating food and … Continue reading Fair

I may even have something worth saying….

It is Sunday Morning in Pune, India. The sun is out and I hear the honking of many horns as the people go about the daily life of livening in Pune.  As for me, I am running on empty, my flight arrived in Bombay at 11:30 pm Saturday night, and I arrived at my hotel … Continue reading I may even have something worth saying….