Two Points to live by

We see lots of list published this time of the year, with everyone wanting to start the New Year off with some positive action of some sort. Most of the time it's a top 10 list of some sort. Well I decided ten things to do is just way to many, and really, most of … Continue reading Two Points to live by

It’s your ATTITUDE not your APTITUDE that determines your ALTITUDE

It’s your ATTITUDE not your APTITUDE that determines your ALTITUDE May 01, 2013 To be successful in any area in life you need to have the right attitude, which means you have to approach any task or job with determination, tenacity and above all plenty of enthusiasm. In business, when it comes to choosing the … Continue reading It’s your ATTITUDE not your APTITUDE that determines your ALTITUDE


YOU SAY GOD SAYS BIBLE VERSES You say:  'It's impossible' God says: All things are possible (Luke 18:27)   You say:  'I'm too tired' God says:  I will give you rest (Matthew 11:28-30)   You say:  'Nobody really loves me' God says:  I love you (John 3:1   6 & John 3:34 ) You say:  'I can't go … Continue reading HANDY LITTLE CHART – GOD HAS A POSITIVE ANSWER:

Positive Words

This was sent to me from a friend in India, not sure who the original author is, he never stated it… But I thought I would share it… I remember my dad teaching me the power of language  at a very young age. Not only did my dad understand that specific words affect our mental … Continue reading Positive Words


I've learned from experience that the greater part of our happiness or misery depends on our dispositions and not on our circumstances. Martha Washington   The first, First Lady, wife of President George Washington has it right, our outlooks, attitudes and dispositions determine how we will face the world. This is not a new thought; … Continue reading Dispositions

How to live a positive life

How to live a positive life: The first place to begin is with journaling. Buy a 99 cent notebook and start journaling about what was great the day before. Write one or two wonderful things from yesterday - even if it is that you walked your dog! It must be something that made you feel … Continue reading How to live a positive life

Change your life in one minute

Change your life in one minute…. Good starter line don’t you think? What could you possibly do in one minute that will change your life? In truth, a lot! But I will give you one idea, one simple quick idea: Think positive about your day for 60 seconds before you get out of bed. Just … Continue reading Change your life in one minute


I am often asked how I keep such a positive attitude, and my response is always the say, “Why Not?” To me that is the only response needed, it sums is up pretty well don’t you think?  Attitude, positive or negative, is all a choice. We decide what it is we want to be, and … Continue reading Moments


Each day we live is a new chance to change our lives, to make a difference in the world and to create a better tomorrow.                                                          All too often we look at life as one line string of events, never changing and for ever in despair, or greatness, depending on your view point.   But … Continue reading Notness

Positive Psychology

(The Following is taken from ) I felt that the following article was helpful, and contains information that is in-line with what I am trying to teach. Paul Nurturing Yourself The Role of Positive Psychology Positive psychology is an emerging field recognized by the American Psychological Association, and many experts who design stress-control programs harness … Continue reading Positive Psychology