Forgiveness of self

Forgiveness has the power to change not only you but also the one you forgive. It is a powerful force, forgiveness, it can change hearts, minds and souls, nations can be changed and the world can move on, all because of forgiveness. Who would have thought such a simple word could do so much. If … Continue reading Forgiveness of self

Can I serve?

Can I serve others, self and God? It seems like a lot of work, trying to serve everyone, ourselves and God. But truly it’s not, we make it a lot of work, but that’s just our nature. We do things the hard way. We serve others or self first then God. We may think we … Continue reading Can I serve?

Small Moments of Perfection

Jesus calls us to a higher state of being; he calls us to perfection, knowing that we are only human and of a fallen nature. The task of following Jesus is not easy, it requires us to do things we do not want to do. Jesus expects perfection from imperfect people, why?   In today’s … Continue reading Small Moments of Perfection

Positive News?

 Do a Google on the search term “positive news” and you will get about 11,900,000 hits. That’s a lot of websites, now I am sure it’s not all positive news stories, but I did look at a few sites, and was surprised at what I found.   Did you know there is a newspaper that … Continue reading Positive News?