Newt speaks the Truth…

Last night I watched the South Carolina debates on Fox News. What stuck me was the fact that the questions were not designed as “sound bites” and that they were fair. What a concept… It was refreshing to hear, for the most part, intelligent questions from the media. No “So if states want to ban … Continue reading Newt speaks the Truth…

How to Plan a Cheap Weekend Getaway

Image by flemming. d5000 via Flickr With the weekend here and the weather turning nice, I thought I would share this:   1 Go Camping: Grab your sleeping bags, tent and some groceries and head off for your nearest National or State Park. Camping in locations that are not privately owned can be extremely cost … Continue reading How to Plan a Cheap Weekend Getaway

Lent 2011: Are you ready for it? Image via Wikipedia With Lent here, it’s a good time to ask the question, “Are you ready for it?” or an even better question, “Do you understand it?” Lent is a complex time in the Church year, we are depriving ourselves, we are reminded of our mortality yet we are to be preparing for … Continue reading Lent 2011: Are you ready for it?

The Truth comes out is odd ways

This morning when I was deciding to blog, I was not to sure what to blog about, so like I will often do I turned to the internet looking for inspiration. I went to all my normal sites,,, and other news outlets on the web. I have set up several feeds on my … Continue reading The Truth comes out is odd ways

Reading and Ranting

I love to read, I read books, magazines, newspapers and anything else I can find to read. I love to read different types or styles from Stephen King to Bishop Fulton Sheen. Give me a Catholic book, magazine or newspaper and I will read it. I have read the liberal press and the conservative press. … Continue reading Reading and Ranting

Wiered Up

Today I am all wired up, literally. Last week I had my annual physical, part one, I went in to give blood and have all the required test run on me. One of the tests was an EKG. Well I guess the EKG came back a little off, so now I am wearing a 24 … Continue reading Wiered Up

This and that

We all need a break every now and then, time to just to be, time not concern yourself with others or with things. Time just to allow… Allow what ever it is you need to allow.   Well I just had such a day, allowed the day to take me where it needed to, allowed … Continue reading This and that

The No Plan Plan…

Sometimes no plan is the best plan. This past weekend my sister Carol came over to help me clean out the garage, now before you all start thinking what a great sister to help clean out a garage, it was partly her mess too. She was one of the other owners of the now closed … Continue reading The No Plan Plan…

Great Moments

We all have moments of greatness, moments where we shine, and show the true light of God. We all have them, some moments are truly the work of the Holy Spirit, and other moments we plan hard for, but they are moments all the same.   The Holy Spirit, in my opinion, likes to use … Continue reading Great Moments

The God Spot

Spring seems to be taking its time to warm up here in Michigan. We get a few warmer days, and then it seems to cool back down. But we know it’s on its way, it has to be because spring comes every year, it’s in Gods plan.   For me, I am ready for summer, … Continue reading The God Spot