Spring Cleaning: A Leadership skill

Spring is a time for cleaning, you know, Spring Cleaning… - Yard work - All the closets in the house - The Garage - The Windows - The Walls Every surface and every corner gets a good deep cleaning, places you haven't looked at all winter and now you are obligated to, for Spring Cleaning … Continue reading Spring Cleaning: A Leadership skill


Life is not perfect; we do not live perfect little lives where everyone and everything is in its perfect little box, all ready for us to use in our perfect little way. Life is not like that, and I for one am happy its not.   In to each life a little rain must fall… … Continue reading Rain

Small Moments of Perfection

Jesus calls us to a higher state of being; he calls us to perfection, knowing that we are only human and of a fallen nature. The task of following Jesus is not easy, it requires us to do things we do not want to do. Jesus expects perfection from imperfect people, why?   In today’s … Continue reading Small Moments of Perfection