I don't have a cross…

Master, how do I carry my cross? Master, what shall I use to fashion my cross? Master, how do I humble myself? Master, how do I live my life as a follower of you when I am but a simple human? Lent is a time of reflection, a time to reflect upon the cross of … Continue reading I don't have a cross…

Remember one day it may be you

Ever notice how some people have to make a comment about something no matter what, you know the type, you give a presentation and they have to tell you how they can do it better, or where you went wrong. You write an article and they have to comment on it, even if they have … Continue reading Remember one day it may be you

Forgiveness of self

Forgiveness has the power to change not only you but also the one you forgive. It is a powerful force, forgiveness, it can change hearts, minds and souls, nations can be changed and the world can move on, all because of forgiveness. Who would have thought such a simple word could do so much. If … Continue reading Forgiveness of self


As a Catholic I am getting ready to start Lent, a time of reflection and fasting. Lent offers us chance to look back over our life and reflect on what we have done and what we have become. Lent also offers us the opportunity to look forward to reflect on what we want to do … Continue reading Reflect

Communication is the Key

Communication is the key to almost all of our inner and outer issues. If we fail to communicate our concerns, issues and needs, be it to others or ourselves, then how is it we expect others or ourselves to fill them? Communication is the key. Most of us are not comfortable communicating, we shy away … Continue reading Communication is the Key

Looking inside

As a fellow human who is trying to make my own life better, along with trying to help others through this blog, I sometimes forget that I to need improvement. It’s like a doctor forgetting to get their own check up, I know that I need to work on myself, but sometimes the idea of … Continue reading Looking inside

10 Easy Ways to Be a Better Person

I found this article, and thought I would share it with you… I hope you like it! Paul  10 Easy Ways to Be a Better Person By R J Licata   R J Licata RJ Licata is a young professional who enjoys furthering his knowledge base as often as possible. Recently his interest in personal … Continue reading 10 Easy Ways to Be a Better Person

Serve Self

Do we have an obligation to ourselves? What do we owe ourselves? When does self override others? Lots of people I know take care of self first, I would not say they are totally selfish, but they make sure self comes first, then others if time, money or talent permits. I will say that the … Continue reading Serve Self

Social Justice

As part of our responsibility as Catholics, we are called to social justice, we are called to care for our brothers and sisters. But the very fact of social justice can cause division in our faith. Not because some don’t believe in it, I would venture to say that most if not all Catholics believe … Continue reading Social Justice

Faith in…

Faith is a major part of anyone’s change; the process of changing takes faith, faith in the process, faith in those around you and faith is self, and mostly faith in a higher power, faith in God is paramount to all changes.   Faith in the process:   When we decide to change, we need … Continue reading Faith in…