Officials say school will keep ‘Midget’ name, mascot –

Good for them, I am sick of people demanding things! People are too easily offended... I'm part Irish, do I get offended when people make Irish jokes, nope, I laugh (if they are funny), Do I get upset that Notre Dame is called the Fighting Irish, nope... Hey, call yourselves whatever you like, what do … Continue reading Officials say school will keep ‘Midget’ name, mascot –

Real Men Don’t Get ‘Offended’

Great article .... “That’s offensive!”  … said no great man, ever. Ah, the year 2015. We find ourselves at the perfect intersect of political correctness, tolerance, and “white male privilege.” Legend has it that at this crossroad you can sell your soul to a transgendered devil for reality TV fame and fortune. What an enlightening time to be … Continue reading Real Men Don’t Get ‘Offended’