So, tell me about yourself (How I hate that)

Charlie Brown (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Have you ever sat down and plotted out a course of action for your current work position? I am sure many of you have and think nothing of it. But for me its one of the hardest things to do. There are two things I hate, one is having to … Continue reading So, tell me about yourself (How I hate that)

American short term memory loss

Image by wmrice via Flickr The American people have a tendency to forget quickly…. This past November we held local, state and national elections all over our great nation. Overwhelmingly we voted for conservatives,  we told the powers that that be that we no longer wanted our government to spend our money freely, that we … Continue reading American short term memory loss

The Shot Heard Around the World

November 2, 2010 was not the end of the fight, but rather just the start of it all. we, the conservatives of this nation have won a small victory, but we can not sit back and wait. We now, more than ever have to fight. November 2012 is our next battle ground, we need to … Continue reading The Shot Heard Around the World