Stand strong, Stand Bold and Stand up!

WOW... What a crazy time to be living in America... The hatred runs deep and fast... In all my years on the earth, I have never seen such out right hatred... Hatred of country, hatred of government, hatred of each other and hatred of God... Hatred seems to be the new norm, sad, but I … Continue reading Stand strong, Stand Bold and Stand up!

Open Arms

With the 4th of July nearly upon us, I thought I would take a moment to talk about freedom, freedom worth fighting for.   The 4th of July, an American holiday, our day of independence. We learn about it in school, Paul Revere yelling “The British are coming, The British are coming!” and we all … Continue reading Open Arms


    Life   Love   Liberty   Freedom    The words above are all related, they all call us to something more, that all call us to a boldness that defines us; A boldness that we co-create with the world around us and with God, a boldness that we can not deny.     … Continue reading Bold