Well I did it, this pass week I entered a new part of my life. One part I entered kicking and screaming the there I entered smiling. Last week marked a new era for me, one that I created, and one that, if I could do over again I would have hoped for a different … Continue reading Phoenix

Ha Ha very funny

Today I had to practice keeping my anger under control, in fact thatโ€™s how I started my day. A part of my life currently is dealing with a bankruptcy, due to the failing of our store and helping other people out and getting taken advantage of. But that's for a different blog.  What happened this … Continue reading Ha Ha very funny

Jesus Drives A Mustang

Jesus drives a mustang. This is not a question, but rather a statement. Jesus drives a mustang.... Why would I make such a statement, and what on earth does this have to do with our faith? It's simple, if Jesus was on this earth today, he would have to get around, so he would have … Continue reading Jesus Drives A Mustang