Journalists’ Twitter Bot that ‘Corrects’ People Who Type ‘Illegal Immigrant’ Suspended from Twitter | MRCTV

Big Brother is correcting tweets... Next we will have drones flying overhead correcting conversations in the city parks... Political Correctness is crap... Illegal Immigrants are just that, illegal... Stop the madness, put on the big boy pants and face reality... In order to regulate speech, two journalists created a Twitter bot to “correct” people who … Continue reading Journalists’ Twitter Bot that ‘Corrects’ People Who Type ‘Illegal Immigrant’ Suspended from Twitter | MRCTV

Just Another Obama-Dreamer: Murdering and Burning Babies.

Not illegals are murders, but all are criminals... Protect our borders.... You won’t find this story in the “mainstream” media. They won’t let you know that illegal aliens – from Mexico – are murdering Americans just isn’t “news.” Not even when the illegal is burning babies alive . Fragos-Ramirez was arrested hours into the investigation … Continue reading Just Another Obama-Dreamer: Murdering and Burning Babies.

My Detroit

Augustus Woodward's plan following the 1805 fire for Detroit's baroque styled radial avenues and Grand Circus. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) I’m a Detroiter, I was born in the city, and I love the city. I no longer live in Detroit, I now live about 30 minutes outside of the city, but still consider myself a Detroiter. … Continue reading My Detroit

Immigration reform

Image via Wikipedia One of the many hot topics, both in politics and religion, is immigration reform. From the Arizona law to the US Catholic Bishops from the halls of Congress to the water cooler, everyone is talking about it. It is a hot topic, one that many have an opinion on and one that … Continue reading Immigration reform

Reading and Ranting

I love to read, I read books, magazines, newspapers and anything else I can find to read. I love to read different types or styles from Stephen King to Bishop Fulton Sheen. Give me a Catholic book, magazine or newspaper and I will read it. I have read the liberal press and the conservative press. … Continue reading Reading and Ranting


Image by Rosie O'Beirne via Flickr Ok, so here it is, I have been listening to talk radio on the way into work, and the big topic The Arizona law on illegal's.  The Catholic Bishops seem to think the law is inhuman and some how degrading. The liberal bleeding hearts feel that the law is … Continue reading Compassion