To walk Humbly with God

To walk humbly with God, How many of us can truly do that, I mean come on, we are walking with GOD…. I know I would have a hard time doing that, I would be telling everyone I met,” Hey, this is God, I’m walking with God”. Sure I would I would tell the whole … Continue reading To walk Humbly with God

I'm Paul

I’m Paul, by the way… Names are important, they help to define us. How many times have you heard someone’s name, but never have seen them. Based on the name we get an image of what they should look like. I am sure many of you have an idea what I look like based on … Continue reading I'm Paul

My good and faithful servant

It is hard to believe that school starts (for some it already has and for others not yet but soon).  With the start of school we also start religious education. My session of life gone crazy; my time will no longer be mine, not that it was before, now even more so.  My life is … Continue reading My good and faithful servant

The Hook

Some of you may or may not know this, but STATIC Youth is a corporation that is currently in its infancy stage. We are developing a dynamic and innovative middle school aged education/ministry program. We (my partner Theresa and I) have written all the text books and activities for this program. We push ourselves out … Continue reading The Hook

Defining Pride

Pride in oneself is a very useful thing; we should take pride in who we are, and what we have accomplished in life; the great and the not so great. We should consider all we do an act of some greatness, along as it is a noble or kind act, with some value to ourselves … Continue reading Defining Pride

Blessed are the poor…

Blessed are you who are poor in spirit, yours is the kingdom of God… (One of my favorite songs)Sounds like you need to not believe to enter the kingdom of God, but really that is not what Jesus is saying. Being poor is spirit is a reminder that none of us are worthy of God, … Continue reading Blessed are the poor…

It's All About Me…

It is all about me……………… That is my saying. People tell me that all the time (most of them are teasing, some are not). But is it true, is it all about me?No, not really. Sure i like to be told good job when I do something good, but that don’t make it all about … Continue reading It's All About Me…