Young Brothers Stepped To The Plate After Learning Elderly Neighbor Could Face Jail For This

I always like to read about kids doing good! Faith in humanity restored! According to recent reports, Riesel, Texas, resident Gerry Suttle was threatened with jail time for letting her grass grow too long. The septuagenarian, who is physically unable to mow her own lawn, was recently informed of an arrest warrant against her and … Continue reading Young Brothers Stepped To The Plate After Learning Elderly Neighbor Could Face Jail For This

It's 7 O'Clock

“It’s seven O’clock; do you know where your child is?” Do you remember that public service announcement? It use to be on TV all the time, I think back in the 1970’s or so.  I remember it because I was young and thought I was being very smart and funny by responding to the TV … Continue reading It's 7 O'Clock

My God, My God… What Does it mean?

My God, My God why have you forsaken me? (Mark 15:34; Matthew 27:46) We all have heard this line; we have seen it in the movies and heard it in Church. And most of us think we understand it, to us, we use it to show that Jesus also felt that God had forsaken him … Continue reading My God, My God… What Does it mean?

One Morning at a time…

When you wake up and start your day, is it “Good Morning God…” or “Good God! It’s morning!...” Silly question I know, but one that can truly change your outlook on the whole day, well truly on the whole world. How you decide to start your day will determine how your day goes. In truth … Continue reading One Morning at a time…

From the Ash

Today Catholics all around the world are being reminded that our earthly bodies came from the dust of the earth and will return to the dust. Today is Ash Wednesday, the start of Lent. We, as Catholics will get the ash sign of the cross upon our foreheads, abstain from meat and fast. It is … Continue reading From the Ash

What is your Value?

What gives use value? Is it our jobs, family or maybe it’s what we own? Could it be our homes our cars or is it how we dress? Maybe it comes from who we know, where we hang out or what we wear. What gives us value? What makes us Human, what makes us different … Continue reading What is your Value?

Top Ten list of the Church

You ever notice that people really like top ten lists or just list in general. I think it’s because we really don’t have to think a lot about a list, it’s pretty straight forward, you have a list, and it’s in order from lowest to highest. Someone has done the work for you; all you … Continue reading Top Ten list of the Church

Freewill Offerning

Freewill, a word we hear a lot of, some Christians believe it and others do not. We as Catholics must, it is part of our basic faith, it is the foundation of the faith. So what is freewill? It is our ability, as human beings, creates in the likeness of God, to FREELY CHOOSE our … Continue reading Freewill Offerning

Heart Song

Today I heard my heart song, literally. I had a doctor’s appointment, and they listened to my heart using an ECO Cardio thing… Very scientific name… And I heard my heart; I heard the music I make every day.  As I laid there listing to my heart my mind drifted to something Dr. Wayne Dyer … Continue reading Heart Song

Three words to a deeper faith

Connection...Collaboration….Co-creating…. Three words that will bring you closer to God, three words that very well could change your life.  We all wish for a deeper relationship with God, we all want that personal relationship with Jesus. But in truth how do we achieve this? What do we need and where do we start? Connection, this … Continue reading Three words to a deeper faith