My Ramblings

Not really sure what to talk about today, it seems I am having more days like this, so does that mean I have nothing to say, that I am getting old and my creativity is leaving me or that the Holy Spirit is telling me to shut up? All are possibilities, but I’m not sure … Continue reading My Ramblings

Trusting in the Church

You ever just sit down and read the bible, let the Holy Spirit move you, speak to you. I have had lots of people tell me that that the Holy Spirit talked to their heart about this or that. They alone know the truth of this or that passage, the Holy Spirit leads them to … Continue reading Trusting in the Church

Lent and her three children

How do we know that we are living a life that Christ wants us to live? This has to be a burning for most if not all Christians. If our life goal is to please God to be Christ like, than what is our gauge, how do we know we are achieving what we set … Continue reading Lent and her three children

Blaze a new Trail

On a personal note, I have not blogged the last few days because I was home sick, nothing serious, just the common cold, but I slept all day Monday and has appointments Tuesday.   The freedom of letting go, the past few months I have been struggling with my ministry, as many of you may … Continue reading Blaze a new Trail

Top Ten list of the Church

You ever notice that people really like top ten lists or just list in general. I think it’s because we really don’t have to think a lot about a list, it’s pretty straight forward, you have a list, and it’s in order from lowest to highest. Someone has done the work for you; all you … Continue reading Top Ten list of the Church

I will Work on that

Sometimes the creative energy seems to be nowhere; no matter what I do I just can’t think of anything to write about. That’s the issue I am having at this moment. Over the weekend I read several things that I wanted to write about, or several ideas popped in to my head, now that it’s … Continue reading I will Work on that

Let the Holy Spirit Drive

Life is worth living, you may have heard that before, it was an old TV show hosted by Bishop Fulton J. Sheen, a very dramatic speaker and an excellent teacher. On his show he would pick one topic, say sin, and spend the whole time teaching and talking about sin. Now that in of itself … Continue reading Let the Holy Spirit Drive

More on the EGO

As you may know one of my regular rants on this blog site is concerning the EGO (Edging God Out). I love to write about the EGO and how it is destructive to our souls, how it traps us in to a life of self-serving. The EGO to me is the original sin, it is … Continue reading More on the EGO

Advent, I want it now!

Advent….A time to get ready… But ready for what; in this modern world of instant messaging and sound bites, we are not use to having to wait. We want and expect everything to happen now, this second. We see it in all we do. Just stop for a second and look around you and you … Continue reading Advent, I want it now!

The End Time are Here

The end times are here…. No it’s not really, but I thought it was a good attention grabber, and to tell the truth I have wanted to use that line for some time now. So it felt good to type it, I got it out of my system, so now I can concentrate on my … Continue reading The End Time are Here