Strikeing ‘so help you God’ from oath is the start

Nothing ever happens all at once, it is always a small single step... One step at a time, and before we know it... BAM! it's done! Hitler did not start off placing Jews in camps... It was a slow process... See the timeline here  This nation did not start off declaring it's independence from the … Continue reading Strikeing ‘so help you God’ from oath is the start

Yep, White Milk is raciest

Watching the President giving his first speech to the American people last night I noticed the liberals in white... Did you see that? Know what it was all about? Woman Suffrage... Yep Suffrage... As Wikipedia states: Women's suffrage (also known as female suffrage, woman suffrage or woman's right to vote) is the right of women to vote … Continue reading Yep, White Milk is raciest

STUDY: Nazi anti-Semitic school indoctrination lingering 80 years later –

Words have power... What Hitler did in the schools is no different then what liberals are tying to do in American schools today. The common core is nothing but liberal indoctrination... BERLIN, Germany – A recent study in Germany reveals that students exposed to Nazi propaganda still hold anti-Semitic beliefs seven and eight decades later. … Continue reading STUDY: Nazi anti-Semitic school indoctrination lingering 80 years later –

The Nazis & Fascism Were Not Far Right – They Were Far Left

The vast majority of people believe that Nazism and Fascism were far right political movements. But that assumption is completely and totally wrong, and this article will explain why. The official title of the Nazi party under Adolf Hitler was the "National Socialist German Workers’ Party". Please take note of the word "Socialist" in that … Continue reading The Nazis & Fascism Were Not Far Right – They Were Far Left

The Obama EGO

The EGO, or as I like to say, Edging God Out, is a constant them for me. I have posted many articles about the EGO, be it here on this blog or on my other, now defunct blog ( It is a concept I like coming back too, because the problem of the EGO never goes away. … Continue reading The Obama EGO

Really? Did he really say that?

Image via Wikipedia I think Jesus was a compassionate, super-intelligent gay man” – Elton John Really, come on, really? Did he say that? Did he really? I am at a loss for words. Now please understand I have nothing, and I mean nothing against gay people. But come on! This statement flies into the face … Continue reading Really? Did he really say that?

What is your Value?

What gives use value? Is it our jobs, family or maybe it’s what we own? Could it be our homes our cars or is it how we dress? Maybe it comes from who we know, where we hang out or what we wear. What gives us value? What makes us Human, what makes us different … Continue reading What is your Value?


Ever notice that one word can make all the difference in the world. We miss use one work, slip one wrong word and a war can break out. The Catholic Church will spend years on one word; they will dissect it and look at all its possible meanings before they will decide if they want … Continue reading Words…