Race in America

The battle cries of America

“Black Lives Matter”

“Hands up, don’t shoot”

“Boycott the Oscars”

The new cry is

If trump wins, I’m moving to Canada”…


Is this the America we want to live in? An America that runs, an America that see’s everything in Black or White, or better yet, as Black or White? I think not!

To me, America is much more than that, to me America is a country that has shown great strides and growth. A little over 7 years ago we elected the first Black President, Obama, he won twice. Yet some still cry racism…

Did the election Obama eradicate racism in America, no? Will anything eradicate racism in America, sadly, no? Racism in like a cancer on America, yet we are defeating it, but like a cancer, it never truly will go away.

Why, you may ask… Because we will always have ignorant people in this country, on both sides; Racism is not just a white person’s problem, its every living souls problem. All cultures and raciest have been and still are raciest. Does that mean we ignore the problem? Do we just sit back and stop calling out the raciest for what they are, ignorant people filled with hate?

No, we fight it, but to win the fight, we need to stop calling things and people raciest if they are not. We need to stop looking behind every motive and event to try and find that one thing, that one issue that we can call raciest. We need to start seeing and understanding that people can have differences, and they can dislike someone just for who they ate and not what color they are. I dislike Obama, not because he is black, but because his policies are hurting America. I dislike Obama because, in my eyes, he does not have the best interest of America in mind. He promised to fundamentally transform America, yet I feel there is no need to do so. America, at its core, is a strong nation, one with a good and solid backbone. Is she perfect, no she is not? America has lots of work to do, but division is not the way to accomplish it. And in my eyes, Obama has done more harm to race relations in this nation that any living person I know of. Granted, I do not know every American, but of all the people on the big stage of American politics, Obama is the most divisive by far.

Some may be saying, Hey Trump is a raciest… I truly have not seen that. Some will say he won’t condemn the KKK, sorry, I say him say it several times, that he disavowed them… Now, do I know Trumps or Obamas heart, nope, I can only go on what I see on the news or read.

NOTE:  Just so you know, I read both liberal and conservative reports and watch both conservative and liberal news cast. Also, I am not a big Trump fan, I do like some of his stances on issues, but overall, and he is not my top choice for President.

Having said all that, back to the main point:

To the Oscars, Hollywood is one of the most liberal places in America, yet they still seemed to be called raciest… Odd really… Do we really want a quota at the Oscars? Could it be that the voting panel just didn’t see any worthy performances? Could it be that the actors and actresses of color just didn’t have any stand out rolls? I don’t know, I don’t go to the movies a lot, but I am inclined to believe that that is the case. Why do I feel that way…

Because Hollywood would be the first to jump on the bandwagon on race relations, they love looking like the great healer of the nation, and they are extremely liberal and will pick up any opportunity to make the conservatives look bad.

The battle cry of “Raciest” is strong, but if we keep using the word to describe any white person who dislikes any black person, of any perceived “white” organization snubbing blacks, then we will never get over racism. All we will do is cheapening the word. I have seen this already, the term raciest and come to mean, “You don’t agree with my point of view”. We have cheapened the value of the word, and soon it will have no meaning at all.

Words have value, they meaning. If we use words incorrectly, the value and meaning get lost. Epic is a great example. For a long time everything was epic. Someone went to lunch and had a good burger, all of a sudden, that burger that lunch becomes Epic… Nope I think not… Or how about the word fuck, do you realize that it was not even a word in the beginning, it was an acronym, it was originally spelled F.U.C.K… Each letter representing a word, For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge, Yet, now, the word is common place and has not true value to it.

Race relations will not improve until we learn that we cannot have the concept of “The Same but Different”… What does that mean…

  • Why is it racist to say I have white pride, yet not to say I have black pride?
  • Why is it not raciest to have the BET (Black Entertainment Television station), yet it would be if there is a WET?
  • Why is a White shooting a Black raciest yet a Black shooting a White not?
  • We have the NAACP, yet no WAACP

I could go on, but I will not, I think my point is made.

The argument that Blacks cannot be raciest, is, in-of-it-self raciest. You cannot disqualify on group from the act because of their color and state that that’s not a raciest act.

Our roads in America where paved with good intentions, over the years and throughout history, America has strived to right the wrongs, yet some of the acts where, in-fact, raciest.

Example, when a collage entrance exam for Whites and Blacks are the same, but the points needs differ based on color. That, my friends, is raciest. If Blacks and Whites are to be equal, then all test, exams and interviews must be conducted and counted equally. We cannot have 2 sets of standards and call ourselves non raciest. The very fact that we are applying two different criteria for the same position is, inherently, raciest.

America has a lot of work to do, but it will not change based on the governmental actions, it will only change with the conversation of the intellect and heart. Until we are willing to step up to the plate as individuals, take responsibility for our own actions, and understand that others may not like us, for a multitude of reasons, one being our skin color, and until we learnt that, hey, that’s OK, you don’t have to like me, and that does not make me any less of a person.

This is how we will change and grow. We neeed to keep calling out the bad in the America, we just don’t need to see bad in everything, there is a lot more good in America than bad.

God Bless

Paul Sposite

» Police: Men Who Beat Train Passenger for Mike Brown Not Charged with Hate Crime Alex Jones’ Infowars: There’s a war on for your mind!

So, what was it, a love crime? A little misunderstanding?

2015-04-28_8-00-59Two black males who attacked a white train passenger for refusing to discuss the Mike Brown shooting did not commit a hate crime according to the City of St. Louis.

The victim, who has thus far kept his identity private, was approached by the men last Monday and asked about his feelings on the Mike Brown incident.

After responding that he was “too tired to think about it,” the train passenger was violently assaulted by two of the young men in the group.

“I think it was disgusting that people were sort of laughing and smiling about it,” the man told CNN. “And no one offered to help.”

via » Police: Men Who Beat Train Passenger for Mike Brown Not Charged with Hate Crime Alex Jones’ Infowars: There’s a war on for your mind!.

Outrageous Ruling: Colorado Bakeries MUST Make ‘Gay’ Cakes, But Can Refuse to Make Christian Cakes | John Hawkins’ Right Wing News

WOW… That’s just’s nuts!

Looks like Bobby Jindal is more right than he knows that Christians are the ones who need legal protections if a new ruling in Colorado is any indication. It seems that authorities in Colorado are now ruling that bakeries MUST bake cakes for gay weddings, but can refuse to make cakes with Bible verses on them.

via Outrageous Ruling: Colorado Bakeries MUST Make ‘Gay’ Cakes, But Can Refuse to Make Christian Cakes | John Hawkins’ Right Wing News.

How Do You Teach People Values When They Are Raised in a Secular World?

Hate him or love him, this is a great discussion… This is a conversation we, as a community, as a nation, as adults, need to have more often. This should be our number 1 concern. Want to know what tomorrow will be like, look at our youth…

I hope you enjoy…


Beck Asks Panel: How Do You Teach People Values When They Are Raised in a Secular World?

Glenn Beck Asks GBTV Panel How People Raised in a Secular World Can Be Taught Values

It is a question that many of us have likely asked: How do you instill values in people — especially young people — when they are raised in an ever-increasingly secular world?

David Horowitz, Pastor Geronimo Aguilar and other faith-leaders joined Glenn Beck on Wednesday evening to discuss this very topic.

Citing the “domino effect” that has arisen since faith has come under fire, the panel delved into issues such as single-parent homes, the contributions of faith-keepers versus secularists, and the somewhat recent creation of the “underclass.”

Horowitz explained that “accountability” and “responsibility” — as core tenets of faith — gives one the power to change their lives for the better, thus reversing self-destructive behaviors. He also explained that the underclass is only a recent development dating back to the 1960′s and the Great Society, reminding that before those days there was the “working poor” who were able to advance themselves gradually throughout life.

“Now people are addicted to dependency,” Horowitz said.

Glenn led the engaging panel through a discussion of statistics, with one panelist adding that a few short decades ago, “75 percent of black children were born to two parents” and that one study suggested “90 percent” of all violent crimes were perpetrated by adults or teens who came from a one-parent home. Glenn reminded that splitting up families is a common tactic of those who seek to oppress.

Watch this fascinating discussion and weigh in below with your thoughts:


God Bless

Paul Sposite

Guided Insight Life Coach

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Ever notice that one word can make all the difference in the world. We miss use one work, slip one wrong word and a war can break out. The Catholic Church will spend years on one word; they will dissect it and look at all its possible meanings before they will decide if they want to use it. Words are a powerful thing; they can create kingdoms or bring them down.


Jesus used words to challenge the world; he used them to call people to task and to bring justice into the world. All with words, simple letters put together to create change.


Hitler used word for evil, to create hatred; he used words to murder thousands of innocent people. Words are a powerful thing.


Gandhi used word to sooth a nation, to bring about peace and understanding; he crafted letters in to a love that is still felt today.


Many great people and many not so great people have crafted words together to create a sound that still resonates today. The words of freedom and murder, the words of love and hate, the words of nothingness and everythingness float and flutter above and around. They settle on new ears and hearts planting seeds of sound for new generations to hear and speak.


We must craft our words with perfection, picking and choosing each carefully. Placing each one in the correct position, creating a composition that flows from sound to sound, allowing the heart to feel the vibrations of our crafting; The ears hear the music of the letters coming together to create the symphony of voices that flood our world.


Each composition we create, each symphony we speak must be one of love, one of a positive force, and the creation we crafted will resonate for ever in this world, looking for a new place to rest, to be recreated in to a new creation. Hate speeches and words of despair will remain in this world just as sonnets of love do. Hitler’s words are as powerful today as they where when he first sang his song of hate. Jesus’ words still resonate as they did then, in the hearts of his followers, creating a poetic love song for all to hear.


A finely crated poem or a timeless story told today will remain in score of this opera we call life, as well as the hatred of the mad men whose words cut to the bone will. We all have a responsibility to contribute to this opera of life, we all need to add our sonnets and symphonies, the only question is, is yours one of despair and hatred or one of love and optimism?


Sing a new song unto the Lord…



Rooms of the Heart

How many rooms do you have in your heart?

Do you have a room full of hate? A room full of envy? Or a room full of love? The hear is the house of God, its where the Holy Spirit live. Now I am not talking about the heart that beets blood through you, but rather the heart that the bible speaks of.

The Jewish people considered the heart the  essence of life, when they spoke about the heart, they where speaking about the whole being, body and soul.

So how many rooms does your heart have, and what have you filled them with?

Who we are is a very deep and personal thing, not many, if any, really know us truly, except God. So when God looks in to your heart, what does he see? Does he see rooms full of junk, junk like hate, envy, thoughts of lust, or does he see rooms full of compassion, trust, love and understanding?

People like Mother Theresa had heart full of rooms filled with love and compassion, Hitler had a heart full of rooms counting, hate, deceit and desire to kill.

The heart can not be divided, it must serve one master, the rooms we create and fill are ours. God did not build one room, nor did he fill it with hate, rather God created the heart to hold love. The walls in the heart where created by us, to keep in the hate and un-trust, the lust and lies. God did not create walls, we did.

Look deep within, and see the walls you have created, all built to hold in what does not belong. Much like adding a lining to hold water in a straw basket. The basket was not made to hold water, we added the lining to do this for us. The same is true of out heart, it was not created to hold anything, but rather to give freely of love. But we have built walls and room, to hold in hate and sin, and the love we give, is then tainted with hate.

Tear down the walls, open your heart, and let the love flow, and rush over us all. Jesus had a heart with no walls, no rooms, he had the heart that God intended all of us to have.

So how will you tear down your walls?