Dory Moments

I just watched Finding Nemo, again. I love that movie, for several reasons. First off, it’s just plane funny, secondly, it reminds me of my mom. My mom passed away a few years back, in her last year of life she was with us mentally, but sometimes she had what we called “Dory” moments. You … Continue reading Dory Moments

Old Movies

Old movies are one of my favorites to watch on cold or rainy days, sick or just plan worn out. They are nice, and usually funny and always just mindless good entertainment. I love them, Arsenic and Old Lace is one of my favorites, a simple comedy that just has lots of one-liners and great … Continue reading Old Movies

Four Questions

Life is a complex thing, and we all see it in our way… Oftentimes we see things differently then others around us below are four questions we should all take the time to ask ourselves, and respond to with honesty. At certain times in our life we need to take inventory, see how we stack … Continue reading Four Questions