10 Easy Ways to Be a Better Person

I found this article, and thought I would share it with you… I hope you like it! Paul  10 Easy Ways to Be a Better Person By R J Licata   R J Licata RJ Licata is a young professional who enjoys furthering his knowledge base as often as possible. Recently his interest in personal … Continue reading 10 Easy Ways to Be a Better Person


We all talk about others, be it good or bad, we all do it. We say simple things like “He is such a….” or “They are so….” Fill in the blanks with what ever comment you like, but we all do it.   It’s not a good thing for us to do, it can hurt … Continue reading Gossip

Yourself: Respect

Due unto others as you want done to you....It's the good old golden rule... And we all would do well to follow it. Respect is something that is lacking in our world, not just for others, but for us. We need to start at home. You have herd it said before, you must love yourself … Continue reading Yourself: Respect

You’re Child: A Good Exalmple

Monkey see, Monkey do.... The same goes for a child, they learn to live and how to interact from the example we show. We are intolerant, so are they We lie, they return it with a lie We hate, they hate with greater force The child is a gift that we must protect and teach … Continue reading You’re Child: A Good Exalmple