Lent and her three children

How do we know that we are living a life that Christ wants us to live? This has to be a burning for most if not all Christians. If our life goal is to please God to be Christ like, than what is our gauge, how do we know we are achieving what we set … Continue reading Lent and her three children

Resurrection of yourself

Over the past two weeks I have been listening to talks on CD’s on my ride in to work. I try to listen to Catholic radio on my ride, but the signal is so week in the morning that all I get is static mixed in with talk, so it’s kind of hard. So I … Continue reading Resurrection of yourself

The List

What is your battle, what are you willing to fight for? May seem like a silly question for a site dedicated to helping you improve. But part of becoming a better you, is making sure that you are focused on serving others. Yes others… We cannot be truly happy unless we are in-service of others. … Continue reading The List