Man Meets His Wife and Child’s Killer

Two years ago, Erik Fitzgerald's life was shattered when his wife and unborn child were tragically killed in an automobile accident. Now, he's about to meet the man who was responsible. His reaction will lead you on an emotional journey into the power of forgiveness. via Man Meets His Wife and Child's Killer.

Sometimes love is just not enough

Well today is the day, today is the day I head to the western pat of Michigan for my mini vacation. As I posted yesterday I am not really looking forward to this trip. And as I posted yesterday I think it's because I am in need of rest, not relaxation. To some the difference may not … Continue reading Sometimes love is just not enough

Funny thing forgiveness…

Jesus has spoken many words that we all would love to hear from him, but I would venture to guess that the words “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do” would have to be on top of our list. In that one simple statement Jesus summed up humanity and His relationship with … Continue reading Funny thing forgiveness…

Forgiveness of self

Forgiveness has the power to change not only you but also the one you forgive. It is a powerful force, forgiveness, it can change hearts, minds and souls, nations can be changed and the world can move on, all because of forgiveness. Who would have thought such a simple word could do so much. If … Continue reading Forgiveness of self

Words Kill…And for that I am sorry

“You Shall Not Kill” This is a commandment, and often times we think of it in the literal terms, to take someone’s life. But to do so would be to miss the point of this commandment. Yes, taking a life is a form of killing but it is not the only way to kill. A … Continue reading Words Kill…And for that I am sorry

September 11

September 11 2001, a day that changed history, a day the America saw terror first hand. A day of great sorrow, not just for the American lives lost, but for all life lost. Some of you may be saying that there is no sorrow for the terrorist lives lost, they got what they deserved. And … Continue reading September 11

You’re Enemy: Forgiveness

Forgiveness is a hard thing to do, but we are asked to forgive our enemy, in the name of helping ourselves. How does that work, I am hurt by someone, they are now my enemy, but I am asked to forgive them, then I am told it is good for me. Well that is true, … Continue reading You’re Enemy: Forgiveness

The Best things to Give

The folloing was sent to me in an email, I am not sure who the original auther is, but I found it very profound and wanted to share it with you. I will list them here, and over the next few blogs I will break each one down (The break downs will be my own … Continue reading The Best things to Give

Key #1 Go Past

The next few postings will be breaking down the 10 Keys to success, this is the first:  Key #1:  Go Past It happened, learn from it, and move on This is the first step for a reason, it's the key to all of the others. We need to learn to let go of the past. … Continue reading Key #1 Go Past