Spring Clean your Soul

Spring is here, at last! It took some time to hit Michigan, but it has. I know this because of the thunder storms and sunshine we get. And I for one am glad! 10 Ways to Spring Clean Your Soul April 15, 2011 at 5:00 am By Taryn Galewind Let Go of Things That No … Continue reading Spring Clean your Soul

Ping-Pong of Faith

On December 27th I had to attend the funeral of my 23 year old nephew Aaron Esposito.  Aaron was killed in a car crash on December 21, on his way home from a meeting in Indiana.  It was an extremely hard week for me and my family, and to tell the truth, I am not … Continue reading Ping-Pong of Faith

The Choice

To live life in fear is a way of life for many; they seem to thrive on it. They like to live life always scared, scared of the everyday, scarred of the unknown and the known.   To them life is something to run from, something to hide from, and they do it many ways. … Continue reading The Choice

Live life Loud

Live life loud!   Live life as if it is the only one you will ever have!   All too often we hold back, we don’t let it all hang out, we live life in fear of living life. We need to let go, we need to live life loud, to scream it from our … Continue reading Live life Loud

My road to Calvary

My burdens are heavy and the road is long, and along the way I will stumble. It’s the way it is meant to be. We saw this with the passion of our Lord, and his trip to Calvary.But is it really that heavy of a burden?Sure I have bills to pay, a kid to take care … Continue reading My road to Calvary

Be not Afraid… Well maybe a little

"Be Not Afraid" words we read and hear often in the bible. But really what do they mean? Be not afraid of what? Whom should I fear? And why should I not be afraid? God tells us to not fear, for He is with us, but sometimes a little fear is a good thing, ain't … Continue reading Be not Afraid… Well maybe a little

The Look

The Look, you know what I mean, everyone has seen The look.... And some people can even give The look. I'm not one of them. When I give The look, people don't shake with fear, they don't run and hide, they laugh at me! Some look that is! But when others give The look, I have … Continue reading The Look