The ultimate Comfort Food

Fall has seem to hit Michigan over the past week or so, this morning on my way in to work it was 46 degrees, that's a tad bit chilly for an August morning. Well so  much for global warming…. I love the cooler weather, I love to sit in my house with all the windows … Continue reading The ultimate Comfort Food

One Morning at a time…

When you wake up and start your day, is it “Good Morning God…” or “Good God! It’s morning!...” Silly question I know, but one that can truly change your outlook on the whole day, well truly on the whole world. How you decide to start your day will determine how your day goes. In truth … Continue reading One Morning at a time…

Create Fall

With the crisp air of fall here, it’s time to start thinking about our gardens and cutting them back for the winter. The new blossoms of spring turned in to the summer canvas that God created his glory on, summer turns in to fall, and now it’s time once again for God to paint the … Continue reading Create Fall

My good and faithful servant

It is hard to believe that school starts (for some it already has and for others not yet but soon).  With the start of school we also start religious education. My session of life gone crazy; my time will no longer be mine, not that it was before, now even more so.  My life is … Continue reading My good and faithful servant


It is September, the kids are back off to school and the world starts to get that great fall smell. I love the smell of fall, the smell of the old going out and the winter setting in. I know its way too early to talk about winter, but fall is a short session, and … Continue reading Fall

I fell

Yesterday I tried to express an idea, a concept on faith. I did a very poor job, I knew that as soon as I posted it, but I want to post a blog everyday if I can, be it good or be it bad. And yesterdays was bad! I like the idea of where I … Continue reading I fell

Life is what Happens to you

“Life is just what happens to you, While your busy making other plans”   That statement was from a song by John Lennon called Beautiful Boy.  It’s a beautiful song about how he can’t wait for Sean to grow up, and how he is excited about seeing him grow up. But as the song states, … Continue reading Life is what Happens to you