We are called too knowledge

This past weekend I spent my time reading and listing to Catholic radio. Of course I cleaned the house, did my wash and other such tasks, but I spent a lot of time sitting and reading. It was nice, I have not had a lot of time to do that, or should I say I … Continue reading We are called too knowledge

I have seen the Face of God

I have seen the face of God, and I looked away….In this day and age where people are always questioning the existence of God, it is sometimes hard to find it in my heart to not look away from them, To turn my back and walk away. Who  wants their faith attacked? I don’t! I … Continue reading I have seen the Face of God

AM signals

I was listening to Catholic Radio on the way in to work this morning, It was EWTN's Open. The radio signal was fading in and out, that's the big problem with AM stations, the signal is never very good. That's a lot like life, sometimes the signal is not very good. From what I could make out, … Continue reading AM signals