From the Ash

Today Catholics all around the world are being reminded that our earthly bodies came from the dust of the earth and will return to the dust. Today is Ash Wednesday, the start of Lent. We, as Catholics will get the ash sign of the cross upon our foreheads, abstain from meat and fast. It is … Continue reading From the Ash

Can I serve?

Can I serve others, self and God? It seems like a lot of work, trying to serve everyone, ourselves and God. But truly it’s not, we make it a lot of work, but that’s just our nature. We do things the hard way. We serve others or self first then God. We may think we … Continue reading Can I serve?

Ego Good or Bad… A onesided Argument…

Can the Ego ever be a good thing? Can something that place you first, always concerned only with it’s self ever be a good thing?   I have this on going discussion with a friend of mine, I say no and they say yes.   I sat they ego serves only itself and that makes … Continue reading Ego Good or Bad… A onesided Argument…

Self Help

Why do we quest for betterment of our selves, what makes us want to be new and improved? I believe it is part of our makeup our DNA.   We really don’t have much of a choice, we are created to be the best “self” we can be. Yet some choose to suppress this tendency, … Continue reading Self Help


Family… We all have them… And they all are different… But what makes family?   Some of us have functional families, but I don’t know anyone like that. But I am sure they exist, because they have to in order to have a thing call dysfunctional families. Now that’s the family type I come from, … Continue reading Dsyfunction


With Youtube and Myspace being a big part of life today, I thought it would be interesting to look at the value of websites like this.  Social networking, as it's called, sounds good. I mean it has to big words in it, social and networking. Both words imply that we are in contact with other humans … Continue reading GodSpace