Single mom arrested for ‘abandoning’ her kids at food court while interviewing for job 30 feet away

The whole idea of everyone calling the cops on parents is just getting silly.. Sit, watch the kids, make sure they are OK, ask them why they are crying... Be a member of the community.. Don't just call the cops. Seems like know one wants to help no one.. We have to change this, we … Continue reading Single mom arrested for ‘abandoning’ her kids at food court while interviewing for job 30 feet away

They take

Tonight at our parish our middle school youth group, STATIC Youth, is holding its second move night. This is a chance for all generations to come together and be a community, to watch a movie and enjoy the company of others, and it’s all for free, and that’s a good thing in today’s economy. One … Continue reading They take

Can I serve?

Can I serve others, self and God? It seems like a lot of work, trying to serve everyone, ourselves and God. But truly it’s not, we make it a lot of work, but that’s just our nature. We do things the hard way. We serve others or self first then God. We may think we … Continue reading Can I serve?

To whom do we owe thanks…

To whom do we owe thanks when we change, when we become anew? To ourselves, to our family and friends, to our community, church and word, to the person walking down the street, to the world or to God, to the higher power who created all?   To whom do we praise, to whom is … Continue reading To whom do we owe thanks…

Call to Action

A Call To Action…   This is what the Catholic Church needs; it needs a rally call, a call that will make all Catholics stand up, one that will challenge us all to become better Catholics, one that will lead us in to a new direction. Now I am not suggesting that the Church needs … Continue reading Call to Action

My Jesus, not Yours

I have a personal relationship with Jesus? Me and My God…. It’s my faith….   You notice that there are a lot of singularities in our faith life today. We don’t seem to want to share our faith, or our God.   Many of us are under the impression that our relationship with Jesus has … Continue reading My Jesus, not Yours

Baseball and the Mass

I spent the night at the Detroit Tigers Ball game; I love baseball, and the Tigers. But last night they seemed to forget to show up. They where there, on the field, but it looked like no real effort was made.   Funny thing is, on the way home from the game I thought that … Continue reading Baseball and the Mass

Self-worth or God-worth

self-worth - [self-wurth] –noun the sense of one's own value or worth as a person; self-esteem; self-respect.     Self-worth is a valuable asset; we all need to feel a sense of value in our selves. We all need to know that we add value to this world, to our community and our families.   … Continue reading Self-worth or God-worth

An open Letter

To whom it may concern: This is an open letter, for all to read. I am proclaiming my faith in a very public way; I am stating my love of the Catholic Church and my love of God for all to read.   Let it be known that my love of the Catholic Church does … Continue reading An open Letter

Key #7: A Team Sport

Key #7: A Team Sport Find support, friends, family, Church or Community. We are people who need others to help us along our way Nothing is ever done in a void, everything you do effect other around you, so why not involve them in the process of changing your life? We all need a support … Continue reading Key #7: A Team Sport