My life is what I choose it to be…

What is the one thing you can do to change your life? What one thing can make all the difference in your life? Giving you the ability to create the life you always wanted! This blog is going to more on the self-help side of things, no politics, and that’s something I haven't done in … Continue reading My life is what I choose it to be…

Reading and Ranting

I love to read, I read books, magazines, newspapers and anything else I can find to read. I love to read different types or styles from Stephen King to Bishop Fulton Sheen. Give me a Catholic book, magazine or newspaper and I will read it. I have read the liberal press and the conservative press. … Continue reading Reading and Ranting

Lent and her three children

How do we know that we are living a life that Christ wants us to live? This has to be a burning for most if not all Christians. If our life goal is to please God to be Christ like, than what is our gauge, how do we know we are achieving what we set … Continue reading Lent and her three children

A thought out process of growth

I have friends and family members that are of the belief that their actions affect no one that they live in a bubble; their actions are there’s alone. What a sad way to live life. If you ask me, that is not even living. Our lives are made to connect to others, to interact with … Continue reading A thought out process of growth

Life is what you make it, Yes & No

Life is what we make of it… That’s a good tag line, but is it true?  Can we decide our own life, can we create a life we dream of, and is life something that we can manipulate? Well in a word Yes, and in another word No. As with everything in life, it’s not … Continue reading Life is what you make it, Yes & No

Social Justice

As part of our responsibility as Catholics, we are called to social justice, we are called to care for our brothers and sisters. But the very fact of social justice can cause division in our faith. Not because some don’t believe in it, I would venture to say that most if not all Catholics believe … Continue reading Social Justice

Life is yours

How many people does it take to change you?   One… YOU   You have all the power in you to change you for the better, but only if you wish. We all can change, we all can grow and become a better you, if you want to. You are empowered to govern yourself. You … Continue reading Life is yours

The Choice

To live life in fear is a way of life for many; they seem to thrive on it. They like to live life always scared, scared of the everyday, scarred of the unknown and the known.   To them life is something to run from, something to hide from, and they do it many ways. … Continue reading The Choice

Growing, even when you don't want too

Time has the ability to change you, even if you do not want it to. We all grow and change over time, but some of us like to hold on to the past. Cling to it as a life preserver. We fight the change; we despise the growth and do all we can to stay … Continue reading Growing, even when you don't want too