WikiLeaks: Pope Benedict Was Forced To Resign By ‘Deep State’

Interesting... I would not be surprised, because Pope Francis is a left wing pope... Being a Catholic, I find his social views to be more left then conservative.. And his teachings to be disruptive... Soros, Obama, and Clinton orchestrated a coup to overthrow conservative Pope Benedict in February 2013, according to WikiLeaks emails. Source: WikiLeaks: … Continue reading WikiLeaks: Pope Benedict Was Forced To Resign By ‘Deep State’

Faith Discovery

How many of you would ever consider going to a Doctor that did not keep up on their studies? Did not read the latest journals or attend the latest seminars on the most up to date procedures? Most of us probable would not be very excited to know that our doctor graduated in 1945 and … Continue reading Faith Discovery

Top Ten list of the Church

You ever notice that people really like top ten lists or just list in general. I think it’s because we really don’t have to think a lot about a list, it’s pretty straight forward, you have a list, and it’s in order from lowest to highest. Someone has done the work for you; all you … Continue reading Top Ten list of the Church

More on the EGO

As you may know one of my regular rants on this blog site is concerning the EGO (Edging God Out). I love to write about the EGO and how it is destructive to our souls, how it traps us in to a life of self-serving. The EGO to me is the original sin, it is … Continue reading More on the EGO

A time for Preperation

Life can come at you fast, especially during the Holiday session. With all the demands place you it seems that everyone wants a piece of you. It can feel that your time is not yours. During this time of year it is a good idea to take a moment and stop to refresh yourself, to … Continue reading A time for Preperation

The New Creed

Carrying on the left at the door idea, I thought I would talk about the idea of political correctness a little more. Take the Nicene Creed for example: We believe in one God, the Father, the Almighty, maker of heaven and earth, of all that is seen and unseen. We believe in one Lord, Jesus … Continue reading The New Creed