Authentic Freedom

Authentic freedom does not meant doing what you want when you want to whom you want, but rather it means, understand who you are, and that you are not alone here.   All too often we think of freedom as a free for all. But freedom does not mean that, in any way shape or … Continue reading Authentic Freedom

New Evangelization Ain't that New

Being a Catholic is not easy; being a Saint is even harder. Not that I would know about being a Saint, but I do know about being Catholic. As Catholics we are called to live our faith in our everyday life, we are called to praise God in all we do. When we wash the … Continue reading New Evangelization Ain't that New

God Calls

Easter is coming! It is almost here, are you ready? Lent is a time to prepair for Easter, a time of purification. Have you prepared? I don't think any of us can truly be perspired for such an awesome event. We are just human, we are weak, and broken. How can we be ready? We all do … Continue reading God Calls