Take Each Day

Take each day as it comes to you… That little bit of advice can take you a long way in life. Each and everyday offers you something new and different, sometimes its exciting, sometimes not, it can be new or it can be the same old stuff, but each day is new, each day is … Continue reading Take Each Day

Easter, a way of life…

The Cross... The Crucified Christ... The Risen Lord... Easter has so many images and emotions tied to it. It's a roller-coaster of events, with it's ups and downs, loops and twists. We cry, and sing for joy, all with in a few day's. At the end, when it's all over, we are done! We have … Continue reading Easter, a way of life…

50 days of Easter

I took a little break, due to illness, but am back, not 100% but back... Easter is here, all 50 days of it. Now what are you going to do with it? Or is Easter just a one-day event, you went to Church, ate dinner and cleaned up, it's over and now you are waiting for Mothers … Continue reading 50 days of Easter

Key #4: Dream Big

Key #4. Big Dreamer When have you ever heard someone say, I have small dreams for my child, I only want them to complete 6th grade and then just sit around all day for the rest of their life. Probably never, but I have learned in this world, that you never know, someone may have. Well … Continue reading Key #4: Dream Big