Snyder signs controversial faith-based adoption bills

Ok, so what? What is the big deal? If the faith based agency turns you away, go to a non faith based agency, they will be more than happy to help you... Oh, wait, thats to simple, and causes no ripples the the harmonious river of  tolerance and acceptance and liberal brainwashing.... I forgot, silly me... … Continue reading Snyder signs controversial faith-based adoption bills

Politically Sterile

The Christmas session is over, and the decorations are down, now starts the political session… Over the weekend I watched the ABC GOP Debates, if you can call them that. I was so mad that I found it hard to watch. The moderators were, well to put it simply, STUPID. They asked stupid questions, has … Continue reading Politically Sterile

Coming Home

It is Friday, the end of the week, and thank goodness, because I am ready for this week to end. I am looking forward to the fall clean-up of the gardens and the chance to sit and read. Oh and I pick up my new family member this week, Ted.  Ted is about one year … Continue reading Coming Home


Image by Rosie O'Beirne via Flickr Ok, so here it is, I have been listening to talk radio on the way into work, and the big topic The Arizona law on illegal's.  The Catholic Bishops seem to think the law is inhuman and some how degrading. The liberal bleeding hearts feel that the law is … Continue reading Compassion