Lent Check list

Over the past few weeks I have been really diving in to listening to CD’s and reading books to help me deepen my spirituality. It is all in preparation to Lent, I really want to make this Lent a deeper lent than I have ever had. So I purchased some CD’s on the Catholic faith … Continue reading Lent Check list


Sometimes simplicity is called for and other times it is mandated!   We all too often make things to complicated, we tend to add a level of difficulty to any task we do, or to any achievement we wish to gain.   Just look at the new math being used in schools, we can’t just … Continue reading 2+2=4

Key #9: Higher Standards

Key #9: Higher Standards You will only achieve what your standards will allow, so set them high, and reach for them daily… We all to often want to see results the moment we do something, so we set our goals and standards low, that way we can easily achieved them, and see results. The problem is, … Continue reading Key #9: Higher Standards