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  • The 7 Priorities

This Presentation was developed and delivered for an international company in 2011

The 7 Priorities description:

Our priorities in life define our actions. We all too often set our priorities wrong; we look at life through the lens of false priorities that cause us to stray from the path we instinctively know is the path we should be on.

In our life outlook we may set our priorities on making money, or advancing our careers, all in the name of our family. Yet this priority is backwards, it is anti-matter to our life, it achieves the goal of money or status, yet misses the outer limit goal set, Family.

This presentation will help you define, gauge and track your priorities. We will discuss the 7 priorities, detailing the aspects of each, we will do a self analyses of where we are with the 7 priorities and were we feel we need to be to help us meet our goals and we will set achievable goals for the 7 priorities. You will learn tools that will help you track your progress and how to realign your goals to match your priorities.

  • Effective communication: Don’t Drop the Ball

This Presentation was developed and delivered for an international company in 2010

This interactive presentations teaches the participants the basics of personality type, learning type and processing type and how this affects your ability to communicate

The presentation includes a short, fun personality test and interaction with other participants.




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