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Poor Cities’ School Districts Receive the Most Funding [Michigan Capitol Confidential]

Money is not the answer…. The city of Flint has more than twice the percentage of people living in poverty as the state average. And Flint Community Schools has been running a deficit since 2010-11. But poor cities such as Flint don’t necessarily translate into poorly funded school districts. Flint schools isn’t losing money because … Continue reading

Snyder hints at White House bid

Hmmm, not sure what to think… Part of me is a big RUN Rick Run and another part is Nope, don’t do it… Washington — Gov. Rick Snyder said Wednesday he is focused on a May 5 ballot initiative to fix Michigan’s roads, while again not ruling out a run for the presidency. Snyder told the … Continue reading

SOURCES: Detroit woman has confessed to killing kids, putting their bodies in freezer – WXYZ.com

OK, this is sickening on many levels… Sources tell 7 Action News the two kids found dead in a freezer in their mother’s house in Detroit may have been dead for years. The mother is identified as 35-year-old Michelle Blair. She was arrested by police after the kids were found Tuesday morning by a court … Continue reading

Two dead kids found in Detroit apartment freezer

I really don’t know what to say about this…. I am sickened… Detroit — Detroit police have confirmed that the bodies of two children found in a freezer had been there for more than a year while their mother lived in the apartment with her other children. “She was living there with her other children … Continue reading

Detroit residents sound off to commission on city council raise – Fox 2 News Headlines

Lets home the city council is smart and listens to the people… It takes balls to ask for a raise just after everything the city went through…. DETROIT (WJBK) – Detroit is just a few months removed from bankruptcy. Is this a bad time for city leaders to ask for a pay raise? Some residents … Continue reading

Plan B to fix roads – Fox 2 News Headlines

We need to find a way to fund our roads without taxing the people of Michigan … Maybe we need to look at where our tax dollars are already going… I am sure there is a lot of wasted money going to programs that are not needed or just don’t work. Maybe its time to … Continue reading

Transit: So Popular it Needs to be Subsidized [Michigan Capitol Confidential]

I saw, if it can support it self, then keep them, if not sell off the routs to privet companies… The May 5 Michigan sales tax ballot measure, which if approved by voters will trigger a $2 billion net tax increase, would add $116 million to current state mass transit spending, mostly subsidies to local bus … Continue reading

Fraternity board votes to disband University of Michigan chapter for vandalism at ski resorts | News – Home

I am glad, I think all to often we let the students at universities get away with way to much… A University of Michigan fraternity is being disbanded after some of its members were involved in vandalism at ski resorts in Northern Michigan. The Sigma Alpha Mu International Board says in a release Tuesday that … Continue reading

Michigan Pot Hole ice cream may help fix crummy roads

Maybe Michigan needs to start a Go Fund Me project, or ask more major corporations to make Michigan Pot Hole items and donate money to the fix our roads fund… Maybe Michigan should copyright “Pot Hole” and collect usage fees… Forget Rocky Road. Michigan’s highways and byways passed that point long ago. Now, with the … Continue reading

Body of missing mom found in melting snowbank – Fox 2 News Headlines

INDEPENDENCE TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WJBK) – The body of a missing woman was discovered in a melting pile of snow in Independence Township, six weeks after her disappearance. Now, her family wants to know if her death was a tragic accident or something more. They had been searching for 67-year-old Sharyn McDonnell since late January. via … Continue reading

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