Hey Whitmer how about we “Fix the damn Government”

Yep, Michigan voted in a democrat who ran on the slogan “Fix the damn roads”… Sounds nice, and yes we need to fix the damn roads… But… Under the Snyder administration we, the citizens of Michigan, rejected a new tax to “Fix the damn roads”. Not because we like are crumbling roads, but because we are sick of paying for things that never happen…

The lotto monies are suppose to support our schools, yet schools are always crying for money…

The gas tax we already have are suppose to pay for the roads, yet our roads suck…

The state places all monies into the general fund, and it seems to get lost. A pet project comes along, so they write an IOU for the roads, it’s election time and votes are needed, so they increase welfare, and take it from the general fund, and write an IOU…

Maybe, just maybe, its time for Michigan to reboot, to start from ground zero… Fire everyone who works for the state, dismantle all departments and start all over. I am sure that we will find that we do not need a major portion of the government we have. I am sure we have more cash then we know of, I am positive we waste more time, effort and money then we should.

Like all other forms of big industries, they become top heavy… It’s time to drop a few pounds. Take 6 month, hell, take a year, and redesign the way government works in this great state.

It’s time for Michigan to stop the madness and reboot… Retool… Reinvest… It’s time for Michigan to lead the way to a new form of State government, one that truly works for it’s citizen, one that is smart, lean and resilient. We need to stop this madness of always being behind, it’s time to let others follow.

Do I have the solution, no… But starting over is a good place to start.. Fresh ideas, no leftovers to contend with…

Do we need a state board of education? Do we need an agriculture department? Not saying yes or no, just saying ask the questions…

The 1963 Constitution requires that all permanent agencies or commissions, except universities, be assigned to one of a maximum of twenty principal departments.[1] The principal departments are the:[2][3]

Type 1 agencies are under the under administration of the agency but operates independently of the principal department in caring out its function and in most cases created by a type 1 transfer.[5]

Current units

Former departments


Do we really need all this movement oversight?

Fix the damn roads

Source: Gretchen Whitmer to propose $0.45/gallon gas tax to fix roads – Story | WJBK

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