The Era of Chicken Little

In a world of hate, why would one have to make a hate crime up? I get it, you don’t like Trump, you didn’t vote for him… I get it… Hey, I didn’t like Obama, and I didn’t vote for him, twice.. But I would never go out of my way to harm him, our nation or others just because I didn’t like the outcome of the election.

What do they think they are accomplishing by creating a lie? Hate crimes are serous, and should be treated as such, but by creating fake hate, you diminish true hate…

Ever read “Chicken Little“?  The Sky is falling, the Sky is falling.. Yet it was not, but Chicken Little like the attention… This is the problem..

The news media as all to happy to jump on any story that will hurt Trump, toss in an African American victim, add a MEGA hat to the story and your front page news.

Sad really… Because when true hate crimes happens, a vast majority of people are going to blow it off as yet another lie.

I know I did with the latest in a string of lies. Jussie Smollett fakes a raciest letter to himself, when that didn’t work, he fakes an attack… And sad to say, I was skeptical from day one. Not because he was gay or black, but because it just seemed to convenient. He was offered FBI protection for the letter, yet refused it, and a week later, two men wearing MEGA hates and happen to have rope with them, oh, and they knew where to find him, attacked him… Hmmm…. All I can say is good thing he is an actor and not a writer, the plot to his fake crime was to easy to see..

Faking hate, faking victim-hood…

Jussie Smollett needs to prosecuted and tough a lesson, lies are as bad, if not worse, then the alleged crime. In his lie, he drew in people to defend him, and now they must face the fact they were lied to. By the lie, he has cheapened real hate, taken away from real victims. Sad really, that he felt the need for so much attention that he was willing to lie.

When lies like this happen, America suffers, Victims Suffer and Hatred grows.

God Bless


Source: A List of Fake Hate Crimes in the Trump Era

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