Gas, Gay & Liberals

22449586_1564819876894945_7650607910485193811_nA truck full of Customs & Border Protection (CBP) officers rolled into the station recently to fill up and fuel up. While one officer worked the pump, four others headed inside to grab some items.

When they approached the clerk, they were surprised to hear her say that they didn’t usually serve CBP. The officers weren’t sure what to make of the remark. At first.

When they got back outside and into their truck though, they knew. They soon discovered that the officer who stayed outside was, in fact, not able to fill up because the pump had been shut off!

Full story here

When did being an officer of the law become a bad thing? When was protecting our nation become deceive?

This is just one example of many where the law enforcement community has suffered because of ignorance and hatred. They very people that protect you and your community are the recipients of such ignorance.

It makes me sick… And Sad… And Ashamed…

But here is what I want to talk about today.. Where is the ACLU? Why are they not protecting the rights of the officers to pump gas at whatever gas station they desire? Why have I not seen this on the nightly news, with all the liberal talking heads going ape-shit over this? Where is the public outcry, the marches and protest?

Oh, wait… It’s not a gay couple trying to buy a cake…

Silly me, I almost lost my head over this, until I remembered the golden-rule, only liberals can be offended…

This story illustrates the problem with liberalism.. Well there are many problems, but just this one will do for now…

The problem… There total lack of consistency.

From moment to moment there stance on an issue will change, based on weather or not it fist into there narrative… This gas shutting off thing, if it would have been black people and the gas was shut off, there would have been all hell to pay, if it was illegal aliens, the media would have made them stars, they would be invited to sit in a place of honor at the State of the Union address.  But because they are law enforcement persons, nothing will come of this…

Think about this, what if, because this one gas station refused to allow them to fill up there cars, so they had to drive out of there way to get gas, a call comes in. The difference in time to get to the call can mean life or death… Contrast that to a gay couple have to go to a different baker for a cake… What one is life and death and what one is just an inconvenience?

Now, my stance on the whole gay cake thing, the baker, due to there religious values, has the right to bake or not back. And the gas station, well they have the same right, based on a religious value, because rights are not just one-sided. But, as far as I know, there is not religion that is offended by a police officer. Sure, they may disagree with aspects of the law the officers have sworn to uphold, but the core value of the religion is not shaken.

As for the baker… To me, bake the cake…

The liberal press should be just as appalled as they where about the cake… if not more so.. But the liberal press, and liberals in general, really don’t care about this issue, they just care about the agenda… The main agenda point is, more votes… That’s it in a nut shell. If they thought they could gain more votes taking up the issue of fish sexual habits, they would be all over it, demanding that fish sexuality is worthy of respect. The issue is not important to them, just the vote.

Don’t believe me… Do your research, read your history… Turn off CNN, MSNBC and MSN, and looking into the history of the liberals, the Democratic party, and learn. Read alternative new sources and compare, and find the truth among all the fluff and filler…

It’s just about the vote…

God Bless

Paul Spoiste


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