Yep, White Milk is raciest

Watching the President giving his first speech to the American people last night I noticed the liberals in white… Did you see that? Know what it was all about? Woman Suffrage… Yep Suffrage… As Wikipedia states:

Women’s suffrage (also known as female suffrage, woman suffrage or woman’s right to vote) is the right of women to vote in elections. Limited voting rights were gained by women in Finland, Iceland, Sweden and some Australian colonies and western U.S. states in the late 19th century.[1] National and international organizations formed to coordinate efforts to gain voting rights, especially the International Woman Suffrage Alliance (founded in 1904, Berlin, Germany), and also worked for equal civil rights for women.[2]

So I’m confused, did I miss something in one of Trumps speeches? Did he talk about taking away the rights for woman to vote? Oh, wait, he doesn’t even have that power, unlike Obama who thought the Constitution and bill of rights “Living, Breathing” documents, Trump has a respect and reverence for them. He, Trump, understands that he has limited powers, and that, in truth, it is the American people who have the ultimate power…

To Trump, “We the People….” has meaning and power…

But back on point…

The liberals have taken liberties with many words, words that have power and meaning, words that can hurt and scar.. And turned them into meaning less talking points for the mainstream media to use and abuse…

  • Women’s suffrage
  • Raciest 
  • Sexiest
  • Hitler

This list could go on and on… But why bother, you all know the litany of words and phrases used by the perpetual victims party, or better known as the Democratic Party.

But over using words or cheeping the meaning of the words they have bastardized the meaning and value of the words… For example:

Liberal website Mother Jones asked the question: “is milk racist” and wouldn’t you know, they determined it is. More specifically, milk is racist because the US government recommends that all people drink milk and it may be that black people don’t need to drink as much milk as white people. I bet you thought this was about chocolate milk, didn’t you? Read here

Yep, White Milk is raciest…

Words have power, words have meaning…Or at least they use too..

It is a sad day when people have to manufacture issues to feel victimized…

Victim mentality is an acquired (learned) personality trait in which a person tends to regard themselves as a victim of the negative actions of others, and to behave as if this were the case even in the lack of clear evidence of such circumstances. Victim mentality depends on habitual thought processes and attribution. Read here

The sad part is, when a real issue comes up, no one is going to pay attention, you can only cry wolf so many times before people stop listening.

But Peter was too easily bored, and he found it very tiresome being on the hillside with only sheep for company. So he’d find ways to amuse himself, running up rocks, climbing trees, chasing sheep, but nothing really kept him amused for very long. Then he hit upon a brilliant idea. He climbed to the top of the tallest tree, and started shouting towards the village: “Wolf! Wolf! Wooolf! Woohoolf!” Read here

I think that time has come, after 8 years of “Wolf! Wolf! Wooolf!” (replace wolf with what ever liberal battle cry you like) The American people are tired of the false alarm.

Just something to think about…

God Bless

Paul Sposite

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