Lefty Group Creates Design for NEW Southern Pride Flag. Here it is…

NPR, are you that stupid, you can’t make a new flag, that has no meaning or history behind it, to replace a flag that has history, and tell people, OK, so now just replace this new flag for the old… That would be like telling a person to just replace a photo of there child for any old photo… Symbols have meaning and value…. You may not agree with all of the meaning or values, but so what, you can’t just create a new symbol to replace one you don’t like or agree with..

Hey, here is an idea, I want to get rid of the letter “K”, because it can be used to form the grouping of “KKK”, and that is offencive to many. So let’s just invent a new symbol for “K” and use it instead….

Silly idea, just as silly as the whole flag issue…


The Confederate flag is on its way out of America, relegated to museums or private property only (which is where Dr. Ben Carson says it should be).

History means nothing to the left, because most of it is in the past.

Boom – I just got my Yogi Berra on! RIP.

Check out the flag National Public Radio would like to see as the new face of Southern pride, virtually replacing the Confederate flag…

via Lefty Group Creates Design for NEW Southern Pride Flag. Here it is….

One thought on “Lefty Group Creates Design for NEW Southern Pride Flag. Here it is…

  1. These people can kiss my rosy red ASS!
    Who the hell do they think they are. They have no idea about anything about the South in their little NYC offices with piss ant latte cups all over their desks and smarmy attitudes.
    Please pass this on to them if you can….


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