Teachers Told NOT to Call Students Boys or Girls…Must Now Say This Instead

UGH! Ok all my liberal friends, this is it, I am done, you have gone to far… Good God! Sorry to say this, but boys and girls are different, they just are… It is time to get over it and just deal with it…. Oh, and by the way, only about 1% of the world population is gay or lesbian. So we are changing everything for maybe 1% of the population… Really… UGH!


The more exposed I am to the lunacy of liberalism, the more I’m convinced it’s some sort of airborne pathogen that seeps into the skulls of the weak minded and transforms them into progressive, statist zombies.

How else do you explain the fact that the “Human Rights Campaign” organization can create a guide for “gender inclusive classrooms” and not be laughed right out of the school building for pushing radical hippie-dippie malarkey?

Yes, apparently, teachers shouldn’t refer to the children in class as “boys and girls,” but as “friends or students,” because that’s more inclusive.

Oh, it gets better, so save the eye rolls until the end.

via Teachers Told NOT to Call Students Boys or Girls…Must Now Say This Instead.

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