New research points to deep freeze in 15 years –

So what is it? Global Warming or Ice age? Oh, wait, I forgot, they are liberals, they don’t care about facts, only control. Come on people, stop drinking the kool-aid… Yes, we need to care for our planet, Yes, we need clean air and water… But we do not need lies about man-made climate change to scare us into responsibility. The climate change industry is a billion dollar industry based on bad science and outwrite lies!!

Just a question: Does the sun qualify for ObamaCare? If so, then maybe we can get it a pacemaker…. Just a thought…


WXYZ) – Scientists at Northumbria University say they’ve discovered a “solar heartbeat,” which could cause a deep freeze on Earth in 15 years.

The “solar heartbeat” fluctuates and is responsible for sunspots and solar flares, according to researchers.

They used past data to predict a sharp decline in solar activity during the 2030s.

via New research points to deep freeze in 15 years –

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