Gay Pride Advocates are Posting This Picture, it’s Breaking Hearts of Christians Everywhere

So, if I am going to be as tolerant as the liberal left, I would now be requesting that they be arrested or issuing orders to have them shot… As a christian I find this highly offensive, but as an American, I will stand up and fight for their right to do this (freedom of speech), as a Conservative, I will find offense in this, but will allow them the freedom to offend many Christians  and as a Christian, I will pray for them and show them love and understanding. I will denounce their actions, but will not condemn them to hell nor wish any harm to them. I will as God to forgive them and pray for the conversion of there heart.

They should be thankful that I am, as the media likes to describe me, a close minded conservative, and not, once again as the media describes them, an open minded liberal. Liberals have only tolerance for what they believe in or stand for… The problem is, they truly have no idea what they stand for, their “causes” change with the wind, this week it’s same sex marriage, next week it will be something new… A liberals attention span is 15 seconds, at best. Their understanding of issues and the long term effect it will have is nonexistence and their compassion for others is only a thin veil covering their true agenda, big government and total dependance on the government.

This whole  same sex marriage issue is nothing more than one tool in a toolbox full of socio/economic issues designed to “fundamentally transform”  America. The plan is truly simple, divide the people, by race, religion, age and political ideology. Break down the moral fabric of the nation and bestow upon them lavish gifts, in the form of welfare. Remove the freedoms granted by our constitution and then hand them back out as gifts from the ever benevolent government, albeit with restrictions, all in the name of fairness and equality.

It is sickening and sad to see so many Americans falling in-line with this march towards a totalitarian state, one where freedoms are allocated by the government, not, as the founders intended. The founders saw freedoms as a God given right, and the government only have the power the people allowed. It is truly sad, how we, the people have so easily turned over the power, all in the name of freedom, a freedom that was already ours.

Some will say, “When same sex marriage was not allowed, it was infringing upon the rights of the Gay/Lesbian community”. To this is say, untrue, marriage has always been a religious institution, I am all for Civil Unions, sanctioned by the government, giving all the same protections and rights. But I am not in favor of changing the definition of marriage, a definition that has never changed in all of human history. My aversion to same sex unions is not homophobic or anti-gay, but rather a pro-christian pro-historical ideology.

The more we give to the government, be it money or power, the more freedom we will see taken from us.


I’m warning you, this is GRAPHIC!

It’s tasteless, immoral, immature, disgusting, crass, and any other despicable word you can think of.

This is what America has and will become. To think it’s only the start makes me weep, so try to imagine how Jesus feels.

What happened to Christian values? What happened to tradition?


via Gay Pride Advocates are Posting This Picture, it’s Breaking Hearts of Christians Everywhere.

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