Four things I need to talk about – The American Decline….

uncle-samWOW, what a few weeks in the good ol’ US of A… We have several things to talk about…

  1.  Bruce Jenners
  2. Black or White
  3. ObamaCare
  4. Same-sex Marriage

I am sure there are a lot more issues to talk about, but lets start with this list… First off this is my first solo post in some time, I have been doing a lot of reblogging with my comments attached, but I decided this one would have to be all me…

So here we go…


First off let me state that I personally think this is a non story, I truly do not care what he decides to do with his manhood.. I only bring it up because it’s part of a larger overall issue in America. It seems we can not turn on the news or read an article without someone calling others in tolerant  if they do not agree with there life style or point of view. In fairness to Bruce, I never read or heard him say anything of the sort. But the media and the liberal left sure did. If anyone dare state that they thought Bruce was mentally unstable or perverted or sick, the media and liberal left was on them is a matter of seconds. Talk about not being very tolerant…

The double standards is so thick you can cut it with a knife. Yet we hear nothing of that.  Personally, I think Bruce needs help, not a sex change. God gave him a man part, God meant for him to keep it… Bruce and God will have to talk this one out. But for the media and Liberal Left to attack me for my personal beliefs is so intolerant and hypocritical it’s not even funny…

Yet they just don’t see it…

Black or White

So, not only can we now change our sex, we can now decide what race we want to be, without ever going through a skin tone change… Just a can of spray tan, and life is good… Once again this, to me, is such a non issue, but once again the media and far left have decide to make it one… Rachel made headlines by “identifying as black” , who cares call yourself what you like.. To me the real issues is this, why is she not in trouble for falsifying her application for employment? She indicated she was Black on her applications for two jobs… Identify as whatever you like, that is your prerogative, but that still does not exempt you from the act of falsification.

She is yet another example of how the far left think. Rules do not apply to me is there mentality. I can do whatever and say whatever I like, but don’t you dare call me out on it, and don’t you dare do or say whatever you like… For I am a liberal, I am whatever I say I am!  It is truly disturbing…


Once again the Liberal Left has taken out Constitution and turned it up on its head… Well this one I can also blame on the so called conservative judges of the Supreme Court. Our Supreme Court has gotten out of control. This whole concept of legislating from the bench or redefining the Founders original intent… All very disturbing to me… The Court’s main purpose is to keep the Congress and President inline.Not to enact laws or redefine laws, they are to uphold or strike down laws. Not to speculate on what laws, but to determine their constitutionality… The courts should have struck down ObamaCare the first time around, because the United States Government has no right to force Americans to purchase a product they do not desire. Yet they decide to allow the raping of the American people. This time the law was clear, the subsidies went only to the states the set up the exchanges, meaning any state who did not, would not receive monies. Yet the courts decided to rewrite the law from the bench…

My issue is simple, follow the Constitution, allow the system to work. Our government has forgotten the Founding Fathers and the fight and sacrifices they made, they have perverted our nation and reinterpreted the intent of our law and governance to fit there egotistical power hungry political desires. We no longer life in the nation our Founders intended, on that is Governed By the people and for the people. We are now a nation governed by the elected for the elected…

Same-sex Marriage

Ok, once again the Courts decided to overstep, decided to legislate from the bench, but I covered that one already. Here I want to talk about the States rights, as individual governments. Did you know that many of the original thirteen colonies did not want to sign the Constitution because they feared that the States would no longer be sovereign. Yep, each and everyone of the states was an independent nation unto themselves. And we still are, the Federal government is to protect us not rule over us. Each state was left with the power to govern themselves.  This, by the way, was why the south was trying to secede from the United States. Under our Constitution a state can do this. We have allowed our government to much control for too long…

In the End

The American people have allowed the extreme left and in general the whole of government way too much control over the lives of individuals and states. The media has hijacked the integratie of our news and is holding it for ransom. And the typical American is sitting back, and allowing it to happen, because the alternative is to hard, we have to stand tall and fight… We have lost our revolutionary spirit and traded it in for political correctness and intolerance of viewpoints. He have become fat and lazy and indifferent to our history. We are allowing the schools to teach altered history to our students, allowed them to push their agenda and they have removed objectivity and critical thinking from the classroom, creating generations of non thinkers. We have placed personal feelings and gratifications over that of our collective America, becoming a nations that no longer cares for there neighbor let-alone their nation. We are in a sad shape, and the future’s looking grim. God willing we will survive, we will reclaim our heritage and come back stronger then ever. It is a revolution that is needed, of of the mind. We must reclaim our nation, if we do not, we too will be remembered in the history books as nation that use to be, like the ancient Roman Empire, generations to come will ask and wonder how we allowed our nation, a once great nation to fall into ruins.

God Bless

Paul W Sposite


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