Watch: New Pool Fight Video Targets ‘Racist’ Cops, There’s Just One Problem…

So, if you break the rules and cause comotion, have the police called, it is now racist? So, if you’re black, you’re allowed to do whatever you want? Im confused ….


Another week, another teen pool party gone bad. The latest incident, which took place in Fairfield, Ohio, on June 9th, has one side alleging racism, and the other defending the use of police force.

Two adults, Krystal Dixon, 33, and Maya Dixon, 34, both of whom are black, got into an altercation with Fairfield Police after a group of eight children–ranging in age from 12 to 15–they had dropped off to go swimming were asked to leave by pool employees. It is not clear how many of the children were related to the Dixons.

via Watch: New Pool Fight Video Targets ‘Racist’ Cops, There’s Just One Problem….

4 thoughts on “Watch: New Pool Fight Video Targets ‘Racist’ Cops, There’s Just One Problem…

  1. I would love to hear your thoughts on the white man who just shot the 9 church goers in charleston Sc….and how the gunman has yet to be apprehended??? this seems pretty insignificant compared to that and that is more recent.


    • I find it sad and sick… And he has been apprehended… It seems, at first look, that the young man is a racist. and has hate deep within him. He will pay for his crime…


  2. Thank you so much for providing what I believe is my very first inbound link.

    I’m just getting up and running with this new thing and it’s coming along slow,
    I need all the help I can get.

    America will be disarmed.

    Or it will revolt.

    One or the other..

    And soon…

    I’m afraid there’s no middle ground in the offing. The stage is set, the die is cast.
    They’ve already disarmed Australia and the UK using the same tactics they’ve
    been using here at home. And they’ve been burning an incredible amount of re-
    sources on this, continually and increasingly going at least as far back as Colum-
    bine. All this with essential and eventual ROI in mind.

    They’re going to get it, and they’re not going to give up. And if they can’t get it
    by keeping the pressure up with the dog and pony show rampage shootings ’til
    America begs for the preconceived “solution” (a general disarmament), then
    they’ll just proceed along on another track or just up and take ’em or ahatever it

    I envision this occurring within the next decade, probably during the upcoming
    Clinton (Hilary) administration if we get her and I think we will. Katrina was the
    trial run for this, a scaled-down preliminary exercise to test the water. What they
    learned from that is that push come to shove, Americans will surrender their
    weapons to proper American authorities without so much as a single shot fired
    in violence or rebellion.

    So… next comes the full-scale nationwide execution, and it will happen overnight,
    without warning, and it will happen really fast. Within 3 days, a week at the most,
    it’ll all be over, and America will be left reeling at the outcome.

    Then we will ALL be relegated to the authentic status of legitimate slaves.

    Because the only thing that separates a citizen from a slave is the right to bear

    And I perceive the only way around all of this as a full-scale general revolution
    of the American populace.

    As I say, here’s no middle ground here, it’s gotta be one way or the other. Be-
    cause they are pursuing a clear and unequivocal agenda here. And they’re
    not going to waver, and they’re not going to stop. They are going to continue
    to murder innocent American men, women and children until Americans beg
    them to take their own guns away from them “for their own protection” (i.e: the
    plan), or they’ll find another way to do it — perhaps by simple overnight execu-
    tive order — since we don’t seem to be responding to the ploy nearly so well as
    they did in the UK and Australia.

    But we got it coming… one way or the other… and soon.

    ‘Preciate you helping me out, looking good over here…


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